Simple Decor Facelifts and a Giveaway!

"Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without."   My sweet husband lives by this motto! Before I go shopping for home decor items, I rifle through the garage, closets and look at all the things I could "repurpose" into something fabulous. Here are a few inexpensive decorating ideas from www.pointclickhome.com. With a little extra imagination, you could use these ideas to spruce up your holiday decor without spending much... How fun would it be to have a Christams lampshade!... Start warming that glue gun ladies!

Grab that dusty lampshade, vacuum it and then decorate it with ribbon. If you're super cheap like me, you can even spray paint the thing first (I paint everything) then attack it with ribbon. If you get sick of the ribbon, pop it off and change it out. Try making a side table Christmas lamp.

I have baskets all over my house... most don't have labels. Use that cute craft paper, print labels and frame them. Attach the frames to your baskets- Wal-mart and Goodwill have great finds.

This one is pretty eco- friendly. Paint dry twiggs (Ooo... Red for the holidays!) and arrange and glue gun them over a thrift store mirror. Ta-Da! What else do you have that you could paint and glue to a mirror? 

::Want to win Letters from Santa for your kiddos?::  Leave reply and spread the word on you blog.  I'll be visiting blogs below and will choose to feature the most creative post on my blog Monday.  If your post wins, ALL letters for the kiddos will be free!! -- even if you're the Duggars:)
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