A Change in the Air... Moving!

Friends of Pretty Organizer,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  I've received a lot of loving letters and questions about where I've been all year.  Well, I've always said that I work with priorities and this year the priority has been my family.  Like many of you dear readers, the Pretty Organized family has been busy with budgeting, job hunting, teenager raising, preschooler schooling and figuring out how to keep all of our plates spinning at the same time.  Thank you to you sweethearts who amid your own busy lives, take the time to reach out to the bogging recluse (me) and spread your well wishes and desire to keep in touch.

In an effort to keep in touch, I happily announce that the Pretty Organized family is moving!  Yes, that sweet friend Melissa at The Inspired Room, I'm in the middle of packing during Christmas... and it's a bit messy, and chaotic, and at the same time, a great excuse to slow down all of the fluff and focus on things that matter.  We're leaving beautiful Arizona and heading to Dallas, Texas!  Hubby has been working there since the beginning of October so you can imagine my excitement to join him with the six kids.  Don't be a stranger.  I may get back to regular posts and would love to hear about how "ya'll" are doing:)

As a result of simplifying this year, North Pole Secretary will not be offering Santa Letters.  Santa's secretary decided to buy a $9 silver tinsel Wal Mart tree and set it in a corner this year.  That's it.  We plan to move the day after Christmas so decorations are on the sparse side.  Please visit again next year as I'm sure Santa's secretary will be ready to take orders for deserving kids to receive their personal letters from Santa.  I actually miss the letter business terribly right now. It was such a blessing to read the accomplishments of children all over the states.

I hope you have a blessed holiday season and please feel free to keep in touch!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Well congratulations on the big move and joining your hubby, I can imagine your excitement!! Many blessings to you, friend!!

boweiz said...

nice post.

Catherine Glazner said...

How are you doing now? How is Texas? My husband did a service mission there for our church and LOVES Texas. I have loved stalking your blog the last few weeks!!

Catherine Glazner

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