Organizing Life... My Main Priority.

Remember my motto? My Priorities are Organized, My Closets are not... yes, well, if you don't remember it, that's okay. I've managed to be very aloof around blogland for the last 2 months. Somehow my absence has sparked an incredible outpouring of concern and well wishing and you can't imagine how completely wonderful it is to know that I'm missed! My readers are the BEST! ANYWHERE!

So, for those you itching to know why Pretty Organizer disappeared, I will do my best to do what I do best... Preach. Yep, if there's one thing I'm good at it's letting ya'll know what you should be doing. My kids think I ought to be making money out of this preaching business because they get my preach'n all the time!

I have had a few priorities that have need'ed some serious tending to here at the Palace. I have wonderful children, however 3 of them are going through a rough spot right now in life and need some extra TLC, prayers, and attention. To tell you the truth, this mother has been on her knees pleading with the Good Lord for inspiration on how to parent each of these children. It's a dang shame that you can work for YEARS on understanding your kid and guiding them to make good choices but that each kid requires a different approach and owners manuals... multiply that out by 6 and you have my life. My kids all came to earth without their owners manual, so I'm kneeling a lot.

While I love blogging and have made dear friends across the world, those little punk-a-noodles come absolute first in my life and going to bed post midnight isn't cutting the mustard for this mother of 6. I was beginning to look like my grandmother (I'm only 35!). So, I'll be around but less consistently than I was before.

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Feel free to look around at my other labels and see what interests you. I'll update things from time to time but until I feel like blogging is a priority, I may be absent a bit.  As always, I love hearing from you all.  If you ever have any questions, I DO check in to my email and will do my best to get back to you all.

God bless you dear hearts of blogland and I hope my preach'n wears off on those who need to organize priorities, whatever they may be.

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