$5 Fix to Cure Misbehaving Kids in December

Here's the thing... this is a gift that takes planning.  You HAVE to buy it way super duper early because it will be shipped and arrive at the beginning of December when your kids are crazy excited for Christmas and you need a little something to keep that 8 year old believing just one more year.

This is a gift that yields rave reviews from customers who are ordering again this year. The personal letters are written TO your kiddos, ABOUT your kiddos and what they're good at, AND Santa even mentions friends names and encourages your 'lil punks to think about why we celebrate Christmas! Plus, the letters have the irrefutable cancellation stamp from the real North Pole, Alaska.  The older kids flip.
*** Tricky Parenting Tactic ALERT***
This is a $5 stinker fixer.  Totally worth it.  Santa KNOWS their name and what they're good at AND he's really checking his list.  SO... (and this works because, yes, I've stooped so low) if they're stinkers in the grocery store, mention the elves are watching and reporting things to Santa.  You might also pull out the letter from your purse and flash the evidence... geesh, now you'll all be able to spot me in Wal-Mart. Guilty.

This Tricky Parenting Technique has NOT been clinically tested for ill side effects.  Pretty Organizers dreaded dreamed up side effects might include mental illness or anxious children who believe that the elves are everywhere and taking note of every action.  Pretty Organizer assumes no liability for nightmares or parenting backfires.

Help me spread the word and grab a button!

$5 letter SALE goes through MONDAY, NOV. 2nd.   ORDER NOW!  Prices will increase Nov. 3rd.
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Odds and Ends Make Perfection

I've been combing the decor magazines office ideas... I need a rehaul on this office. The Santa Letters are taking over and I'm covered in Christmas projects.

My style is a little frenchy, a little vintage, a little Pottery Barn. I'm pretty loose on the rules, it just has to "go" together.  In short, I think odds and ends in the right place are a great expression of art and creative decor.  Check out this fabulous office. I thought you could appreciate the budget inspiration that so perfectly collided with style! This is from Better Homes and Gardens.

Gotta love drawer pulls and door knockers. I bought stunning iron door knockers at JoAnns on clearace (garden aisle) and they are a site and conversation piece at my house.. great for hanging things:)

Who'da Thunk!! Not sure how they got these gizmos on the wall 3M double sided gluey tape? Great idea... I always have rogue cutlery that reappears after I replace a set.

Muffin tins as drawer organizers!! CHEAP!! Now your office can double as kitchen storage too!! I lOVE dual purpose design!  Add a few strong magnets on the underside and your toddlers can construct the Eiffel tower out of paper clips and you won't lose a one!

Honestly, Can you have too many memo boards when they look this great on a wall? Notice how none of them match but the colors and textures add spice to the room. This room has great details to look at! Now I just gotta get me that desk!

How does the "mis-matched" style work for you?


The buzz about Mercury Glass


Blogland and Home Decor store everywhere are buzzing about Mercury Glass.  I've been watching the trend and truly feeling like a numbskull because really?... Glass with mercury?  It sounds like something on the list of things to NOT have around in a home of toddlers.  Then I saw THESE in my Pottery Barn catalog.

They're stunning.  So, in an effort to cure my ignorance (or display it to all of you design savvy readers) I did a little research.

Here's what it says on Wikipedia.
"Mercury glass is the common term for silvered glass, which describes glass that was blown double walled, then silvered between the layers with a liquid silvering solution, and sealed. Although mercury was originally used to provide the reflective coating for mirrors, elemental mercury was never used to create tableware. Silvered glass was free-blown, then silvered with a solution containing silver nitrate and grape sugar in solution, heated, then closed"....."Vases, goblets and all form of tableware were decorated with a variety of techniques including painting, enameling, etching, and engraving. Silvered "mercury" glass is considered one of the first true "art glass" types, that is, glass that was made for display and for its inherent artistic value, rather than for utilitarian use."

 More than you wanted to know I'm sure.  Well, as is characteristic of any crafter... I went in search of a way to fake it.  I mean... FAUX it.  It sounds so much more legit when you say it in French.

BHG has a tutorial that uses vases, but in my opinion the metalic spray paint doesn't quite give the vase enough of the bright whitish silvery luster of Mercury Glass.

Krylon has a great tutorial and shows off their Looking Glass mirror finish product.  This paint seems like the obvious better choice.  You can see both tutorials and decide for yourself.I think I'll be working on a few Mercury Glass project this Christmas for my own home decor as well as for neighbor gifts.

What do you think about the Mercury Glass trend?
Photo Credits: Country Living, Organge County Register


3 Minutes and 29 Seconds to a Happy Monday

I've watched this ASL music video 613 times and it makes me smile EVERY time.  If you have kiddos that are Miley Cyrus fans this will be a hit.  The facial expressions are worth 3 minutes and 29 seconds of your time.  Happy Monday friends!!

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Letter from Santa are personalize for your kids and are sent right after Thanksgiving.


Christ Centered Santa Letters:: A FREEBIE FOR ALL!

Okay, Take a good look at this button.  This button is going to be famous... well at least that is what I'm hoping.  My secret Christmas wish is that THIS button will become the IN thing around blogland this Christmas season.

Yes, I said CHRISTMAS. Not Holiday.  I'm calling it what it is:: CHRISTMAS.  The time we celebrate CHRIST'S birth... his life... his mission here on earth.  We celebrate the wonderful things HE taught: Love, Peace, Service, Kindness, Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace, Truth and did I mention LOVE?

Yes, bear with me.... this is a long post.  If you want the meat... skip down to the end.
I love CHRISTMAS!.... but I also love Santa and presents and all of the magical things about the season that make a child's eyes sparkle.  The things that often times drown out the majesty of WHY the world seems to stop one day out of the year to honor HIM.  Wouldn't it be great to keep that balance.  Don't we moms and grandmas try to do that each year?

Well, as Santa's secretary I have written 8 fabulous letters that not only talk about the happenings at the North Pole, they talk about Jesus and urge kids to do things to honor HIM this season.  The first batch of letters are sent AFTER Thanksgiving and arrive to your home postmarked from North Pole, Alaska (clearly the closest post office to the North Pole.)  Customers who ordered letters last year have been emailing me and waiting to order again next year... this is SOOO fun for your kiddos.

You see, I began NPS last year in an effort to make extra money to pay down our adoptions.  We eventually refinanced the house and they are paid for however.... yes, the house is not... SO.... I can pretty much guarantee that NPS will be around for another 30 years working on THAT effort.

TO Kick of the Season I have an amazing sale and these offers!
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To reveive the FREE letter this week, just visit the North Pole Secretary site and fill out your information.  You will be able to purchase your additional letters at the $5 price this week!  I'll be visiting your linked blogs and looking for the NPS button on the sidebar.  Please feel free to Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Call, Email... anyone to let them know about this promotion. This business only runs for 7 week out of the year and I need word to spread fast!

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Inspiring Tabletop Christmas Trees

BHG does it again.... I {HEART} this article.

Glass candlesticks upholding glass plates surrounded by boxwood leaves and topped with a mercury glass bird.  I love graceful, NATURAL looking Christmas decor.  

How about gifting a neighbor this cinnamon stick topiary early on in December to enjoy?  Just glue cinnamon sticks atop a box with a dowel in one end... secure with ribbon and mount in vase.

I have 14" pine cones sitting on my hutch waiting to be made into trees.  More about my lucky pine cone score in an upcoming post. 

The wonders of chicken wire.  Really.  This is wonderful.  Chicken wire Christmas trees adorned with roses on a base of delicious red apples.  If you're planning a boutique brunch or a cookie exchange these pretty table top trees are very unique.

Simple Statement.  Paper.

Peppercorn Topiaries.

Finally.  A tree where tinsel garland looks good.  This would be a nice touch in a bathroom or next to a guests bed.

Thinking about Christmas yet?  I've been living it this week.  Head on over HERE to see what I've been up to!
All photos are from BHG


Home Tour Part 2- Where people stash their stuff.

Where People Stash their "Stuff" Part 2!
 Love this satee!
I have a friend who I will call "Mrs. Whimsical"  She is exactly that. AND she is classy and a great artist and designer.  One of those moms who makes a t-shirt and jeans look like dress-up wear and can find a compliment for everyone out there. I visited her Palace and this is where she stashes her stuff... 
The downstairs activity center.  Before....

After......Mom with 4 kids.  2 under the age of 3.  Not unfamiliar with a mess but you'll rarely catch her house out of place... only few in her very secret circles get to see the food on the counter or an occassional speck of dust on the basebaords (I know her weakness... feed her chocolate and a Diet Coke and she'll talk... Now I'm in that circle. Lucky me!)

The Game room.  Love the stacked storage.   I always am looking for a unique way to go verticle with storage.

No, no storage here but I I love this room.

Oh, and look there are a few of my handmade hat boxes next to this chaise... very frenchy!

Show stopper bed.   LOVE the textures.  Yes, she painted the wall herself.

Goodbye clutter... hello, tall dark and handsome!

Bedside chest.   Yep! holds the candy stash... this girl has her priorities in order.  Chocolate first.  THAT- my friends, is how you never get out of bed grumpy!!

Where do you hide your clutter?

Head Start on Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas gifts are the only way to go when you're tight on a budget and want to give something unique and meaningful.  They are also fantastic ways to pass the evenings while sipping cocoa and listienng to seasonal music.  I start my homemade gifts early so that I won't be piled high with projects during December.  Here are a few unique and easy ideas to give as gifts. 

The picture above is from Martha Steward and shows and idea on how to make bookends using pottery vases and filling them with sand.  No home ever has enough book ends.  What can you make book ends out of?

Learn how to make a Secret treasure Hollow book.  Shop the thrift store for an old hardback book, glue the pages together and cut out the "innards" for a fun place to store treasures.  (my kids love secret places to store their booty!)

Gifts don't need to be anything more than thoughtful.  These Christmas sachets are perfect for teachers or neighbors and easy enough for your kiddo's to do.  Use 5 inch fabric squares, glue them together, fill with 1/2 cup of poupori and glue closed.  Bundle fun fabrics together and deliver them with a sweet note.

Snow globes are a childhood wonder.  This tutorial shows how to make your own out of simple jars and of course... Martha Stewart Glitter.  By the way, Martha, if you're tuning in today, I want to work in your glitter craft department for a whole week.  I want to use all 24+ colors in your line and all 7 different textures you have for white and irredecent glitter.  I want to glitter me up all the crafts in the world and let your clean up crew take care of my big ole mess.  Love that glitter look!  Glittler's outlawed in this house because once you spill glitter, it forever becomes a part of your house and impossible to get off your face.  It's the worst for the boys who sparkle after having done their laundry after the pricess costume load!

Tell us all what gifts you're handmaking for Christmas!  We can all use more ideas!


Friday Boutique... Early Holiday Shopping

Crafting,boutique,for sale

What's blogland selling at the boutiques this year? Come see... come shop... come buy from women and moms who could use the extra cash for their families.

The Friday Weekend Boutique will be held every Friday through Christmas!  If you sell handmade items, Come link up!

If you'd like to be a featured crafter on Fridays shoot me an email:

PrettyOrganized {@} gmail {dot} com

Let's go shopping this weekend! Be sure to spread the word and link up below.

Rules:Please link up to your blog post about your online store and include a link back to Pretty Organized Palace in your post. Feel free to include PayPal buttons on your site or the link to your craft store. Be sure to tell everyone you're participating in The Friday Boutique over at Pretty Organized, this will help all crafters get more traffic to their sites! and don't forget to BUY, BUY, BUY! Let's help stimulate the homemakers economy!


Pretty Clever Storage for FREE

Not all homes look like Model Homes.  That's because people (WITH children) live in them.  Yes, this is a real picture of my family, I think it's my favorite.  Most of the children are mine... the crazy looking older ones are my brothers and sisters.  

I can't tell you how many times I look at a new house and think, "Why can't my house look like that?"  Uuhh... because we eat and produce laundry piles and our kids have papers that come home... we also receive mail.   Pretty Empty Organized Palaces are pretty but meaningless.  Model homes don't have to look for a place to hide acne cream, tampons or Preparation H.

This is a real house with pretty real people inside (8 of them!  Yes I fit 8 people in this house AND their stuff!-  I can fit 12 in that car.... Oooo I know you're all getting Van envy:).  Storage challenge is my life!

Here's just a few of the ideas I found this weekend... more to come in Part 2 this week.

Stereo Equipment- Most guys have no clue how ugly it is.  Do I hear a few, "Amen, sister Amens" out there?  Check out this idea my mom came up with!

A teenagers room?

Trust me, this space gets used!  Yes, my brother has a gun under his bed... he's a real life Grizzly Adams... those are quarts of peaches too.  Real. Life. Survivor.

Jack up the bed on those Home Depot cinder blogs... super cheap.  Ta-da!  Extra storage!
Pretty furniture.

Pretty Storage... we need this because maniquins in model homes don't get cold or read. My mom uses an ottoman to hide "life."

Pretty Bed. (Notice the lack of headboard... haven't had one for 14 years of marriage.  This mistreatment has been up for 6 years- works great!)

Pretty storage.  Hand-me-down 70's cedar chest. Timeless and FREE.

Give me a desk with a ton of drawers... I'll fill them. Um, glaring light?  For all you regular visitors, this is why I NEVER take pictures of my house.  I hate it.  I have no patience for lighting or uploading or sorting photos... I hate using the camera.  Really.  I just sketch all of my children.... no not really, they move too fast, all my sketches turn out blurry too.

Furniture leave a space in the corner?  I use the corner. If you bend over that couch and look behind, you'll find neatly stacked Rubbermaids and probably a few AWOL Lego guys!

Yes, I inherrited an organ (it's a well known muscicians law that you never give away musical instruments.. you collect them- this is Mr. Organized's collection.)  There's a giant space back there... I use it and stuff all kinds of unsightly things right behind that unsightly organ.  Remember 8 people stash their stuff in this house.

**** I'll have Christian based letters from Santa coming soon!  Mr. Organized is putting the final touches on the North Pole Secretary Website and I'll be kicking off the season with a HUGE sale and promotion! Stay tuned!  This is sooo much fun for your kiddos (and me!)***
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