$5 Fix to Cure Misbehaving Kids in December

Here's the thing... this is a gift that takes planning.  You HAVE to buy it way super duper early because it will be shipped and arrive at the beginning of December when your kids are crazy excited for Christmas and you need a little something to keep that 8 year old believing just one more year.

This is a gift that yields rave reviews from customers who are ordering again this year. The personal letters are written TO your kiddos, ABOUT your kiddos and what they're good at, AND Santa even mentions friends names and encourages your 'lil punks to think about why we celebrate Christmas! Plus, the letters have the irrefutable cancellation stamp from the real North Pole, Alaska.  The older kids flip.
*** Tricky Parenting Tactic ALERT***
This is a $5 stinker fixer.  Totally worth it.  Santa KNOWS their name and what they're good at AND he's really checking his list.  SO... (and this works because, yes, I've stooped so low) if they're stinkers in the grocery store, mention the elves are watching and reporting things to Santa.  You might also pull out the letter from your purse and flash the evidence... geesh, now you'll all be able to spot me in Wal-Mart. Guilty.

This Tricky Parenting Technique has NOT been clinically tested for ill side effects.  Pretty Organizers dreaded dreamed up side effects might include mental illness or anxious children who believe that the elves are everywhere and taking note of every action.  Pretty Organizer assumes no liability for nightmares or parenting backfires.

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$5 letter SALE goes through MONDAY, NOV. 2nd.   ORDER NOW!  Prices will increase Nov. 3rd.
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Jane In The Jungle said...

Thanks Pretty! I'm ordering my letters when I can get these kids to sleep tonight!

biff_erin said...

That is genius!

mary said...

Awe,poo! Some times I wish my five year old did believe in Santa! That is such a cute idea. And those pictures really put me in the Christmas mood!

ness said...

shoot! i am a day late for the weekend botique! it's been a busy week-just found out we're expecting baby #2!!!!

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