Home Tour Part 2- Where people stash their stuff.

Where People Stash their "Stuff" Part 2!
 Love this satee!
I have a friend who I will call "Mrs. Whimsical"  She is exactly that. AND she is classy and a great artist and designer.  One of those moms who makes a t-shirt and jeans look like dress-up wear and can find a compliment for everyone out there. I visited her Palace and this is where she stashes her stuff... 
The downstairs activity center.  Before....

After......Mom with 4 kids.  2 under the age of 3.  Not unfamiliar with a mess but you'll rarely catch her house out of place... only few in her very secret circles get to see the food on the counter or an occassional speck of dust on the basebaords (I know her weakness... feed her chocolate and a Diet Coke and she'll talk... Now I'm in that circle. Lucky me!)

The Game room.  Love the stacked storage.   I always am looking for a unique way to go verticle with storage.

No, no storage here but I I love this room.

Oh, and look there are a few of my handmade hat boxes next to this chaise... very frenchy!

Show stopper bed.   LOVE the textures.  Yes, she painted the wall herself.

Goodbye clutter... hello, tall dark and handsome!

Bedside chest.   Yep! holds the candy stash... this girl has her priorities in order.  Chocolate first.  THAT- my friends, is how you never get out of bed grumpy!!

Where do you hide your clutter?


mishebe said...

great tour..

Karen said...

Where do I store my clutter? Hmmm... unfortunately I am an "out of sight, out of mind" person, so there is usually a good bit of clutter around. Maybe I need to get some of those neat baskets for my magazines.
(Believe it or not, since discovering such wonderful blogs such as this one, I don't buy the number of magazines that I used to!)
Have a great day!
Ladybug Creek

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

So pretty; I love the touches of red throughout. This looks like a very warm and inviting home. I use everything I can to store clutter and stuff, in general. In my foyer I have a chest of drawers. The I use my armoires to their fullest. We have storage under a really long window seat in our great room; and I have baskets in various places throughout the house.

Any plans for making more hat boxes in the near future? : )

The JAMC Johnsons said...

Those hatboxes are something I have been looking for! I'm still working on getting my house how I want it. I use baskets and open shelving for toy storage.

Pretty Organizer said...

Hat boxes took over my kitchen table last year. I now work "on commission" only. So, if you're interested in boxes, yes, I do custom orders only now.

Renata said...

What a beautiful home! I feel inspired now...
I love those big cupboards she has - I think I'll keep a look out for that kind of thing!

Jenna said...

My husband has built a few Pottery Barn-inspired shelving units that have baskets in them. I have a bookcase in my master bathroom with fabric bins that are labeled with Cold & Allergies, Hair Stuff, Makeup, etc. When I shop the CVS sales, I know how much space I have available to store my loot. For office & scrapbook supplies, I love the 5-drawer rolling carts at Staples with the drawers labeled.

stacy said...

um...that lady likes mt. dew and chocolate, not diet coke. hahah!

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