Friday's Weekend Boutique and a couple Pumpkin Crafts Ideas

Friday Linky time is here.  If you sell crafts, link up below.  If you're starting your Christmas Shopping early, check out the links below and start buying!  IF you want to be a feature crafter for our (me, myself and I) Weekend Boutique, check out the button on the sidebar for more info and shoot me an email! October - December is Boutiquing Season so, IF you make fabulous things to sell and want a place to peddle them online for FREE, come link up here each Friday so we can buy from you!

Disney's Family Fun Magazine suggests using magazine cutouts to piece together a funny face.  This is one kids are sure to enjoy!

Ms. B's Edgar Allen Poe Decoupaged Pumpkin!  Go on and pay her a visit!

Okay, You know the drill.   Remember to link to your BLOG please and link back to this post.  You can grab this button if you like and don't forget to tell all your friends you've linked up to sell over here.  If we all spread the word via our blogs, we'll have a lot of happy shoppers and all us crafters will be rich and solve the worlds problems over a good piece of chocolate cake.  Okay, well, even if we don't solve one darn problem, we'll all be fat and happy together, right?


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

LOVE that first photo with the pumpkins in the fireplace! :)

Aura said...

That picture is gorgeous! I piled my pumpkins around the fireplace this year, but I love the idea of putting them inside. Here's a peek at how I did mine: http://hphotos-snc1.fbcdn.net/hs208.snc1/7526_141417733897_604543897_2513011_5852246_n.jpg

Sara said...

I left a link for the Weekend Boutique! Thanks for posting this...I need an economic stimulus plan this Christmas more than ever!

Shelley said...

I also love the fireplace photo! Thank you for doing the weekend boutique! I can really use a stimulus plan:)

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