Paint Sets the Mood

Before you go painting your kitchen blue or your bedroom bright red, take a little time to think about what kind of moods you want in your space.  Do you want a kitchen that evokes strong passions, active and lively conversation, and increases metabolism?  Think Red... or some form of red...'

Green colors invite conversation and friendship.  Green also is a soothing color and the traditional color for peace... a color that's great for a living room or family room.

Yellow is a cheerful and welcoming color.  It brightens dark hallways and energizes those within her walls.  Yellows, in their more subtle form are great for hallways, entries, and living areas.... even bedrooms.

Don't worry about the color police checking to make sure you have the right color in a room. The truth is, you choose the function and mood you want a room to convey and then use color to accomplish that goal.

Take a bedroom for instance.... I want all of my children to relax and never speak another word after 8 pm.  I want them so mellow that they melt when their heads hit the pillow.  I want them always, "feeling groovy" and "chilling out" and  CALM!!!  That's why one particular room is blue... and why another room will be blue very soon... and why I'm seriously considering turning my master bedroom into a "feeling groovy, chilling out, CALM oasis" of blueness.  There is a reason Spa Blue was invented... it was for me.  I'm sure of it.
!!Fun Reads!!
  • For a professional read up on the meaning of every color and shade of the rainbow, go visit the Color Wheel Pro
  • If you want to know what moods certain colors evoke, visit the Paint Quality Institute
How have you used colors to evoke moods in your home?
Photo Credits:: Decorpad.com


southerninspiration said...

Ooooh, I want a blue room like that one shown.....ahhhhhh......


ilovemy5kids said...

Come see my paint blessing...
we are in up to our elbows in paint!

Blessings to you,

Julie @ Sweet Chaos said...

I painted our bedroom tobacco road & had red in there. It just never seemed right, even though it went with the colors in the rest of the house. Now, I've changed out the red for crisp white, blue & cream. It's much better! Still looking for more ways to incorportate the blue without adding too much. I'd love to paint the walls blue, but my hubby would surely shoot me...

The color history since we moved into this house 8 years ago is long...
scandanavian sky blue.
desert tan.
hawthorne yellow.
tobacco road.
I'd love to do a blue that would work for us now & for when we switch with my son...

Maria said...

I have a page torn from my Better Homes & Gardens... with a most beautiful shade of blue.
Here's to hopin' I get to the paint store before I lose this page with my dream color on it! I love the bedroom here!

The JAMC Johnsons said...

I have two boys with autism, and they get really overstimulated. For me, soothing blue for their rooms, calming green for the kitchen, and beiges and tans in the living areas. Color really does make a difference!

Caroline said...

I really like the dining room, it looks so inviting. I'm seeing more and more colored ceilings, I think it is great they really open up rooms.

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