Apothecary Chests:: Organizing the Small Stuff

Now if Apothecary conjures up images of drugstores and Chinese herbal medicinal remedies, you haven't searched blogland long enough. With a household of 8 there is one agonizing organizing rule I live by: Go vertical! Give me hooks, nooks, and places to store books.
PotteryBarn uses this great Apothecary Chest in the intry... did I just write that?? Entry! Too lazy to hit backspace. Anyhooo... Just looking at the 2 medicine boxes I TRY to keep sorted for those kiddos begs one to re-examine individual compartments for little things... you know, like places to store all of the Band-Aid wrappings instead of just thrown around the medicine box.
In my Palace, this wonder stair Apothecary would organize little things like Barbie heads, dirty socks I was too lazy to haul upstairs, all the missing pieces to that Lego thing, wipes and extra diapers.
Drawers for socks, undies, bras, nylons, scarves, belts.... little things need their own vertical space other than a door knob to hang from. Not to mention CD's! If you're really old fashion you can use them to house your card catalog.
What would you do with an Apothecary Chest?

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Great ideas! I love the apothocary(sp?) chests. I only have one child to keep track of and that's hard enough! :) Anyways, I really like your blog and wanted to say hello. Hello! I just started my own little blog - if you have a chance, feel free to come visit!
I mostly prattle on about home interiors, redecorating on a budget and will be adding photos from my own redecorating adventures. Have a great day!

ness said...

I think if I had an apothecary table I would store my small miscellaneous craft supplies in it, like pens, pieces of ribbon and other "stuff!"

Jody said...

extra change, keys, cards, pencil sharpeners, broken pieces (meant to be fixed....yeah, right), legos, tape, paperclips, glue sticks, Chapstick, post-it notes, makeup, ribbon, tweezers, jewlery, extra magnets, needles & thread, buttons, travel-sized bottles, socks, belts, scarves, undies, baseball caps, wire cutters, needle-nosed pliers, screwdrivers, extra light bulbs, glue sticks, stickers.......

Hmm....I gonna go clean out some drawers.

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Oh, I would love to have one of these for all of my paint & sewing supplies. Right now the small stuff is in shoe boxes, empty diaper wipe containers, and ziplock bags. It's organized, but it ain't pretty.

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