Christ Centered Santa Letters:: A FREEBIE FOR ALL!

Okay, Take a good look at this button.  This button is going to be famous... well at least that is what I'm hoping.  My secret Christmas wish is that THIS button will become the IN thing around blogland this Christmas season.

Yes, I said CHRISTMAS. Not Holiday.  I'm calling it what it is:: CHRISTMAS.  The time we celebrate CHRIST'S birth... his life... his mission here on earth.  We celebrate the wonderful things HE taught: Love, Peace, Service, Kindness, Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace, Truth and did I mention LOVE?

Yes, bear with me.... this is a long post.  If you want the meat... skip down to the end.
I love CHRISTMAS!.... but I also love Santa and presents and all of the magical things about the season that make a child's eyes sparkle.  The things that often times drown out the majesty of WHY the world seems to stop one day out of the year to honor HIM.  Wouldn't it be great to keep that balance.  Don't we moms and grandmas try to do that each year?

Well, as Santa's secretary I have written 8 fabulous letters that not only talk about the happenings at the North Pole, they talk about Jesus and urge kids to do things to honor HIM this season.  The first batch of letters are sent AFTER Thanksgiving and arrive to your home postmarked from North Pole, Alaska (clearly the closest post office to the North Pole.)  Customers who ordered letters last year have been emailing me and waiting to order again next year... this is SOOO fun for your kiddos.

You see, I began NPS last year in an effort to make extra money to pay down our adoptions.  We eventually refinanced the house and they are paid for however.... yes, the house is not... SO.... I can pretty much guarantee that NPS will be around for another 30 years working on THAT effort.

TO Kick of the Season I have an amazing sale and these offers!
  1. ALL LETTERS ARE $5 THIS WEEK!!  Standard price is $8 with discounts for multiple letters.
  2. YOU CAN GET 1 LETTER FOR FREE if you add the NPS button to your blog sidebar and let your friends know about this sale!
  3. AD SPACE FOR SALE at North Pole Secretary Site for $30 for November and December THIS WEEK ONLY!  I am purchasing additional advertising and networking heavily.  After this week ad prices will increase.  Email me :: NorthPoleSecretary @ cox (dot) net to arrange payment and posting.
  4. AD SPACE FOR Pretty Organized Palace is $20 for the month of November THIS WEEK only.  Email me:: PrettyOrganized @ gmail {dot} com
To reveive the FREE letter this week, just visit the North Pole Secretary site and fill out your information.  You will be able to purchase your additional letters at the $5 price this week!  I'll be visiting your linked blogs and looking for the NPS button on the sidebar.  Please feel free to Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Call, Email... anyone to let them know about this promotion. This business only runs for 7 week out of the year and I need word to spread fast!

If you're willing to spread the word about NPS and would like to make it easy for me to see how famous my button is around blogland (on your blog or website)... link to your blog below!


House Elf said...

What a truly wonderful idea. We have not done Santa letters in the past because I could not find a way to blend our faith with it. I will post a link on my blog. Best of luck!

Jane In The Jungle said...

You know I'm big on this!! I've got your button up and I had linked to you last night for the Holiday Bazaar cause I put new stuff in my shop!

Malisa said...

What a great idea! Love IT

Uncommon Women said...

This is such a great idea. You are so clever. Thanks for the button!

Myrnie said...

What a great idea! I hope it goes well :) I blogged about it, too!

Elizabeth @ TexasEbeth said...

I found you on This Cozy Home. I love the idea & will order one for our son. He's adopted so I totally get the adoption cost issue.

Elizabeth @ TexasEbeth said...

oh, and I added your button to my blog plus mentioned it on my facebook page and will tweet about it too!

Anonymous said...
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