Indian Corn Wreaths

 This is the season of Decking the Halls and the walls and the doors and the floors with all that brings cheer and warm welcome to family and friend.  Fall colors are beautiful and one of my favorite ways to see them displayed are with Indian Corn.  One ear of Indian Corn embodies the colors, smell, and symbol of Thanksgiving to me.  Here are a few of the webs finest Indian Corn creations.
Indian Corn Feeder Wreath on a wire- Love this one!  I love subtle holiday touches around my house and yard.  This would be a great addition to a porch or well loved "thoughtful spot" in the yard. 
I know, it's not a wreath but I couldn't pass up the chance to show off this colorful birdfeeder.  This would be a great activity to do with your kiddos!

Martha offers all the how to's of putting together your own Indian Corn Wreath.

Today is the last day to order Christ Centered Letters from Santa at the $5 sale price!  If you've been putting it off... hurry on over and order before Tuesday!

Here's a quick sample from one of my letters showing how Santa talks about the true meaning of Christmas:

The busiest place of all is of course my toy shop. Every elf is busy doing his or her job to make just the right gift for children everywhere. I have sewing elves, elf engineers, elf mechanics, elf hairstylists (for the Barbie dolls) and elves in charge of painting and decorating. My wrapping elves are up to their pointy ears in wrapping paper, ribbon and tape - this shop would be a mess if it weren't for my cleaning elves! We have been thinking about what you might like this year and thought about a _____________ or a _____________. Hope that's something you'll enjoy!

_____________, I wanted to tell you something very important. I know you love Christmas and so do I. Bringing presents to children all over the world is such a happy thing for me to do. It's fun to get gifts but I would like you to remember why we celebrate this wonderful time of year. We use this time to remember Jesus Christ and his life and teachings. This is the time of year we remember the gifts He has given us - including me, Santa. The best way to celebrate Christmas and honor our Savior is to serve your family and friends and act as Jesus would. So, if you could think of something really nice to do for your friend _____________ I know you will feel the same joy this season as I do when I bring presents!

Hope you'll head on over and order early.  Orders ship right after Thanksgiving and arrive the beginning of December!

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texasdaisey said...

What a delightful blog. Just happened upon you today and loved all the ideas with dried corn. Especially the wreaths and birdhouse. I wonder how long it would last as a house. It is sure to draw in the critters which would be very cool.

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