Luxury Laundry Room... and unhealthy Longing

Every year about this time I start pining away for an expanded laundry room.  You can read about my other rant HERE... or HERE. Careful, the pictures will make you drool.  They'll make you want to stay in your laundry room. They'll make you want to go buy a can of paint and whip that laundry room into the oasis you wish it were.

Just before my laundry crawled down the stairs I ran... FAST.  I just barely made it into the office so I could write this post!  Whew!  Right now as we speak there are socks that are squeezing themselves under the office door ... no they don't match.

With family coming in for the Holidays how do you keep laundry under control?  Well, here in this house, on good days... when I've had enough chocolate, sleep, and chocolate, I DO have a system.  I keep our family of 8 under control with personal buckets, cold water and NO SORTING... with few exceptions.

Curious?  Yes, it's crazy and desperation is the mother of inspiration so you have to be completely bonkers to think, "Hey, wait, I don't have to pair these socks... and my boys can fold their own shirts.."  Yes, the results do produce more wrinkles than the standard method BUT it also yields responsibility, and sanity.

Now, if you're dying to find more hours in your day you can check out my laundry method.  It doesn't turn your laundry room into this picture of laundry bliss but it makes you sane and gives you a little more time to appreciate the finer things in life...

... finer things like chocolate, good movies, snuggling with the kids, a good book, or just plain 'ole "being free from the laundry!"


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I just posted my laundry room, but for the vinyl wall decal I put up. Mine is not too small, not too big, but I certainly would love one of those you've pictured.

Donna said...

You're too funny! You posted some beautiful pictures...I'm drooling now...have an awesome day!

Amy O/picketfencemom said...

I recently found your blog and I have been enjoying your posts!
Love the pics you posted of laundry rooms. Like you, I have six children, so laundry for eight people can be overwhelming. I must admit that socks are my nemesis, and I LOVE sandal weather for that very reason! My laundry room is a small closet in the master bath with barely enough room for my front loaders to fit and no other storage at all...but, like you, I have a DREAM for someday. And you're right...the pics did make me drool...especially the one with the open faced dollhouse above for storage. Ahhhh, bliss.....LOL!
Great post!
Amy O/picketfencemom

southerninspiration said...

those ARE dreamy laundry rooms...the laundry I can manage most days, but the ugliness of the laundry room sure isn't very motivating.....would love one as pretty as those you pictured!


salmagundi said...

To me laundry is one of the finer things in life. I thoroughly enjoy doing it! Sally

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