Are you TOO Organized?

This Pic comes from Domestic-Chicky.com.  

This lady has to buy pencils, paper, tags, rubber bands and push pins to match so her drawer looks good.
Martha goes a little overboard here...

Do you find yourself buying the same colors to wear so it matches with your closet color pallet?
Do all of your friends get things wrapped in the same color paper because you need it to look good in the spot where you organized it?  .. I LOVE THIS ROOM!
BHG picture.
Do you get home from the grocery store, having made sure you bought the right color detergent to pour into your clear glass jar so your laundry room will look picture perfect?
BHG Picture
Thought it was important to remind all of us dreamers that pictures like these aren't pictures of people who are keeping it real. 

As I plan my projects this year, I'm trying to be grateful in the reality of my situation... I have 6 living breathing PEOPLE I'm raising!

They eat, they bathe, they need smelly socks and dirty shirts cleaned.  8 of us dump our things just shy of the entry and everyday I work to get those things back into place.

Thank Heaven for my messes, for the dirty hand prints on my wall, for the GARGANTUAN FAMILY SIZE laundry detergent box on my dryer.  

I'm tackling my organizing one drawer at a time and NO my lint cleaner (if I had one) doesn't match my rubber bands or my scissors!


RN and OSHP said...

There is no way anything in my house matches like that! I have homemade laundry soap in a schwans ice cream container on my dryer :) It's always nice to dream though.

Amara said...

I so agree. I've wanted to buy all Clinique before so my makeup will match. What a waste (especially when I LOVE the Cover girl outlast lipstick!).

Bobbi Jo said...

I love those pictures of the different room especially the pink closet. OH how I would love all that pink. Anyway I love your idea of one drawer at a time. ME TOO! I will follow your lead OH Great Pretty Organizer!! Thank you for all your ideas and help. Keep up the great work.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

JANE said...

Oh Pretty,
You know me, of course I'm just sooooo too organized, ROFL!!! Now you'll hate to hear this, but none of that really appeals to me at all!! But it sure would appeal to Big Daddy if I could do just
1/10th of that kind of organizing!!

Amy B said...

I can not even find my laundry room due to the dirty clothes on the floor. I will try to fix that one load at a time..
I have said it before but I LOVE your blog.

debi @ life in my studio said...

I LOVE this post!! lol I just found your blog...very creative!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I got such a kick out of this post! Ha. :-)

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