Wallpaper Teaser

I love patterns. A good fabric or wallcovering goes a long way to define a space or state who you are... and depending on the pattern, SCREAM who you are. It's the high heels of a great room.

This week I'll have a few ideas on what to do with Wallpaper. No longer is it restricted to our walls (but if you're brave or fall head over heels for a pattern like I have, you'll want it everywhere!).

Start searching the couch and your laundry room for spare change and go visit Ballard Design's Wallcovering section to get a few ideas on fabulous patterns.

Don't forget to identify a space that needs a little character.

I'll meet you back this week with some fun ideas for adding patterns in your home in "unusual" places. Let me know where you'd like to make a statement with wallcovering!

PS- Thanks to my dear readers who have been so encouraging with emails and comments! I {heart} you all and can't believe ya'll keep reading this stuff!
All Photos from Ballard Designs


JANE said...

OK this is funny. My BFF and I were talking wallpaper today. Her daughter has just stripped 2 rooms and the border was terrible to get down. We were talking about the time we stripped "grass cloth" from the walls in my old house. It was HORRIBLE to take down!! But, it broke me of ever using wallpaper on anything, LOL!! I'll take the paint!!

Shannon said...

Thank you for your comments to my blog! Daddy is finally back home with Bray and I-but it was a tiring week none the less. How do you do it :-) Your blog is just great...I will be back quite often...and I love the wallpaper swatches, trendy and stylish! Have a great week-Shannon

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