New Law Threatens Second Hand Industry and Mom businesses

Okay ladies,

I try to keep my blog content related to the home and decorating, organizing and general home life.We need to gather together and take action!

The house passed the bill HR 4040 "The Consumer Product Safety Bill of 2008" and it will take effect on Feb 10.  The name sounds like a good idea however there are a few hidden portions of the bill that will directly effect how you live.  On Feb 10:

  • Thrift stores will not be able to resale children's goods (clothing, toys, books, electronics etc.) unless they've been tested for lead by an independent company... the cost on average of $100-$400 per item. Some thrift stores in Virginia are already not accepting donations of children's items 
  • Mom businesses selling baby items will likewise need to test each product and component prior to selling.
  • Kid to Kid and like stores are likely to go out of business because of this legislation due to the costs to stay compliant with these regulations.
I'm all for safety and testing things that are being sold but this bill is a little impractical and hysterical for my taste. Get Real!  We moms live on hand me downs and swapping clothes toys and the like.  Lets use some common sense...  My family of 8 will be naked!  

I am not going to detail the whole bill but I invite you to research on your own.  Here is a link from Worldnet Daily that talks about the effects of the bill and directs you the actual bill to read for yourselves.

If you buy second hand items be it at a thrift store, on eBay, Craigslist, or the like, you will not be able to do so the same in the future.  Not to mention... where the heck do you ship those extra items off to when your kids grow out of them?  Please take time to research the bill, blog it to friends and CALL or WRITE your Representatives.  

We have plenty of families and needy children who can use these great used items.  Such a waste to over police something and not get them into the hands that could use them.

'Nuff Said... Let me know how you feel about this kind of a law!


Erin said...

Emailed all three: my representative and our two senators...it will take a lot of voices, but it can be done...

Stephen said...

I read the law. It's mostly harmless. All the rules apply to manufacturers, who now have to test their products for dangerous substances and label them. (Food producers already do the same thing.)

Retailers and second-hand/thrift stores are NOT required to test products, only to report what the manufacturers tell them. Retailers are not going out of business. If they were, you would have heard a lot more about this bill back in August, when it passed.

Only 4 congressmen voted against the bill out of 535. It can't be all that bad.

allisha said...

Government just wants us to rely on government. We are to support the big companies and run small business out! Hence the bailouts of 2008! I think it is time for the little guy to stand up and say NO!

Pretty Organizer said...

The wording in the law is very broad and yes, acording to the wording, small businesses and thrift stores are threatened. Keep writing those representatives.

RN and OSHP said...

I aready emailed my congressmen. This is absurd, hopefully somebody catches it before it is a law!

becca said...

I read it... and it *is* quite vague. I sure wouldn't trust that b/c only 4 voted against it... that it is safe. Half the time THEY don't even know exactly what they are voting for/against. The 4 may have been the only ones who saw the problems.
I emailed a lady here that does our big yearly used children's items sale. I figured if there is something to it, she'd know.
(I realize I'm commenting late... I just noticed the 'political' tag to the side and wondered 'hmmmmm what's that?'

becca said...

The lady who runs the big consignment sale sent me this link: http://www.wbaltv.com/video/18479590/index.html
Watch the beginning to understand who this lady IS, but then you can skip ahead to 3:05 to hear specifically about resale shops. Basically, she says they do not have to test. They have to have a 'level of confidence' that their products are safe, but HOW they go about it is up to them. She also says there are only 100 field agents who are responsible for making sure the new law is upheld. They will not be going after mommy shops when they only have 100 agents. They will be making sure the big dogs are compliant.
Even so, when the mommy shop owner just has to have a 'level of confidence' that their products are safe, and how that level is reached is entirely up to them... it sure doesn't seem like it will affect anything.

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