The Importance of the Master Bedroom

Priorities of life take their shape in this room... the Master Bedroom. This is where you wake to a new day. This is where you get your game face on and get to work and begin your job of caring for others. This is where you return and reflect on how each day went... and you spend hours in this room sleeping and preparing for the next day. It's an important space and needs priority attention.
The master bedroom is a reflection of you. It should speak to you (and your sweetheart as well). Here are a few things that I once heard from a wise organizer...

  • Create a space of privacy- This is an intimate private retreat for you and your sweetheart. It should be free from kids playing, televisions (oh, I'm so unpopular right now... I know, I know, I've already heard the whole "get a television" bit with 6 kids... yah people actually say that... we cheated.. we adopted 2! HA!)

  • Create a relaxing space- lighting, candles, books, blankets, pitchers of water (yes, my hubby has his own filtered water in our room), music... fill your bedroom with all you need to relax and refresh.

  • Keep your room clean- a messy room makes for a messy mind. This is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. If you wake to a clean, well kept room, your attitude, hope and mind are set to a positive note.

  • Personalize it. Color the walls (and ceiling) to meet the personalities who share it. Yellow is cheerful, blue is calming, green is earthy and promotes conversation, red is passionate... let that room reflect your spirit... and don't be afraid to paint the ceiling blue if you want!

  • Surround yourself with things you love- A very good friend of mine has the portraits of her 4 children nicely framed in black and white over her headboard. They are stunning close-ups and poignant reminders of what she lives for, who she serves and how important her job is. She cherishes those faces each morning and renews her strength each night because they remind her of what's important.

  • Spend time in your room A retreat is nothing if it you never use it. It's not a place to fold laundry. It's a place to meditate, to read, to nap. It's a place to sit with your husband and reflect on the needs of your children. It's a place to gain strength and to rest from your labors.

Enjoy your bedroom.

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stacy said...


i have a tv

no picher of water

butter yellow walls are not so cheery to me as yellow makes me naseaous...didn't want to paint one more room so of course we let ours go. you know the sacrifice.

my room is where the piles of laundry go so i don't go insae with it all over my house.

no candles anymore because once my husband went to blow out a candle and poured the hot wax all down the front of my body. NOT SEXY, incredibly painful.

i am CLEARLY not following any of these rules but i would LOVE to.. just got other stuff goin' on. :) hahaha!

Lisette said...

Enjoyed your post - will be working on my master/sanctuary & always find it helpful to look at photos

Kira said...

Please don't come over anytime soon :) Our Master "suite" in our new house is missing I think THE most essential item... a door that actually locks. That is #1 on my list right now :)

Ells said...

We agree! No kids yet, but we try to keep the bedroom clean and attractive, and we have fun little details in it that we both love! The best one might be our down comforter with a white cover - it is so snowy and fluffy that you just want to bounce on it!

Lorrie said...

ALL your children are beautiful. Responding to your comment over on my blog...about black hair being an ever evolving process. (I am seriously considering adopting boys because the "HAIR THING" is ever so present. I recently had to CUT 7 inches of my own hair since I was trying to save money and trying to do it myself. I waited to long and it all broke off. Only one friend of mine knows since I ran out and got extensions. I was quite vain about always having hair that touched my shoulders and God has used this to humble me. It's growing back but slower since I'm older. Remember to keep their hair hydrated with products and you'll be fine.

Oh by the way...I'm starting on my master "getaway" next week. Blessings Lorrie

Happy Momma said...

I love me a good cozy master bedroom. I love ours - - ok, I love the colors and I love the bed, I don't really love the fact that it is so small you have to practically walk sideways to get past the bed :) But it's ours and it's comfy!! Thanks for the beautiful inspirational pictures!

The McGraths said...

So where is the best place to find bedding. I just moved and we are giving everyones room a facelift. We are all in need of new bedding and I'm not loving anything where I'm looking. I'm lacking inspiration. Any advice?

PS- I heart your blog!

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