Hooked on Lighting

Today for Julia at Hooked on Houses... I reveal my secret.... I'm Hooked on Lighting.  I've been looking for options to dress up my kitchen... builders... WHY such ugly lights?  Don't say cost either because I've seen me some decent looking cheapies out there that I'd much rather have.  So, chandeliers are "in" in my book.  I admit... I lean toward the drippy cute ones though... not super shabby ones...  this lady is simple.
This pink cutie would look fabulous in my little girls room... a total impractical thought since we live in the hottest place in the US for months out of the year.  Ceiling fans are a must.  A Need.  Our survival!!!
This little lampy gave me the brilliant idea to cover some of my old dirty lampshades with fabulous textured fabric!
I think I'd need an official title like, Lady Pretty Organizer, or Duchess Pretty Organizer to have this fancy girl in my house. But love me some pearls and crystal when I can get them!!!
Whimsical and cute... this one's a winner.  
Sconces... someday I'll have sconces.  You don't need a castle to have sconces. You just need a willing husband to knock a hole or two or three  and fish, phish... ?..... wire through your wall, attach it to a switch somewhere and patch the whole thing up and paint over the patch and then mount the sconce....  that's what keeps me from getting sconces in this palace. 
What kind of lighting are you hooked on?

photo credit: KooKooBear.com


susan said...

Hi hear ya on the sconces...wonderful yet tricky! I love lighting too, which is ironic because (and I think this is a gender thing), my hubby walks around turning them off. Ahh! Great pics - thanks!!!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Love your choices! Especially the brown polka dot lamp, 2 of my favorite things, brown and polka dots. Thanks for sharing.

Maya@Completely-Coastal said...

I'm always hooked on lighting. Lamps make such a huge difference in a room and bring great ambience..., love the polka dot lamp, how cute is that!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

These are some good ones! And I think girly chandeliers like that for a girl's room are just too fun to resist. I found one at Land of Nod for Lily (we don't need the ceiling fans here in Ohio as much as you do!).

I FINALLY found a chandelier for my dining room and we got it hung yesterday. It looks good! Now I'm searching for a foyer chandelier.

Andi - udandi said...

They're all so pretty, but living in a rental where I can't change the lighting will do that!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Oh yes! We love lighting and are hooked on it as well! Although....we've decided that we don't need willing husbands, just Chico from Devine Design ~ all would be bright then!

Kristen said...

Those chandeliers are all beautiful - my fave would probably be the black one.
I recently discovered your blog & think it is wonderful! So welcoming and inspiring!

Gayle said...

Oh, I really like the sconce!

Michelle said...

I'll take one of everything.

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