Handmade Ornaments Friday Linky Boutique

Meet my new friend Elizabeth!  She is the designer and owner of her very own unique Christmas ornament esty store called EBornaments Elizabeth is an artist, as you can tell... love her Van Goegh.  It will be so pretty with Christmas lights shining through!

See the resemblance to Van Gogh's The Stary Night

Each of her ornaments is hand painted and truly is unique.  I'm fond of this one....

and this one....

and my kiddos would LOVE the fish.

As a mom, I have made a tradition to give each of my 6 children 1 ornament each year that is unique and their very own.  I won't pretend.. it's HARD to find unique ornaments... especially ones that are reasonably priced.

Elizabeth's ornaments are beautiful AND considering you are getting a hand painted one of a kind work of art, they're a scream'n deal.  She also is spreading the crafy love and has a tutorial for you HERE

Head over and see all of her creations at her Etsy store EBornaments or at her website EBornaments.com

Or just click on her linky below!  

Christmast Shopping this weekend?  The big day is eeking closer and I know you're looking for fantastic gifts.  Link up below if you'd like to sell something (on your blog or Etsy store) and if you're shopping, go check out these crafty ladies!


Lona said...

You'll find some lovely mittens (and other sundries) in my shop at http://shadysidefarm.etsy.com (listed above). But I also wanted to tell you about a friend who makes ornaments that I just LOVE!

Visit her at http://ellemardesigns.etsy.com


GritsGirl said...

My parents and grandparents each gave me a ornament each year and while I might not have appreciated it as much as some of the toys etc... I love them now. When I got married my mom gave me all the ornamets that were mine to put on our own tree. It was so special to recall the memories wrapped up in each ornament adn share them with my new hubby! It also saved us money we didnt have to go out and buy ornaments that were meaninless and mearly for decoration!

JadeLD said...

My sister and I give each other an ornament each year and have for a while, we are slowly building up a unique set. This year I'm going to try and make something but need some inspiration, these are lovely.

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