$6 letters from the North Pole

Hey friends,
I'll be taking a little break while I have family in town and celebrate Thanksgiving. I'll also be printing off my Letters from Santa and getting them ready to mail to North Pole Alaska for the cancellation stamp. Letters go out right after Thanksgiving for an early December arrival.  I know everyone is UBER sick of me yakking on forever about these letters.  Just a few more weeks.... I promise.  Keep reading my clever reasons why you should buy... hopefully I'll convince at least 12 of you.

WHY should you buy my Santa Letters?
  • They're a fantastic read if I may boast.  Each letter is very detailed about the goings on at the North Pole.  Did you know the North Pole has a clock tower and a Sleigh Shop?  Did you know Santa's rig was being fited with the latest in GPS gadgets?  Yup. 
  • They're meaningful.  The letters include a message from Santa about why we celebrate Christmas and urge kiddos to do service to honor our Savior.  They're a great way to combine Santa with the sacredness of the season.
  • They're convincing.  Do you have a skeptic?  Are you dying to limp your little skeptic along just one more year... you may get 2 or 3 with these letters.  Older kiddos can't refute the real North Pole cancellation stamp.  Science wins out... Santa sent evidence!
  • You're giving a memory.  We only have a few years to mark this little minds up with the most wonderful, magical, memories that they will cherish forever.  A letter from Santa for a child is a memory that will last.
  • They're personal.  Every letter is unique to your kiddo.  You provide all the convincing embellishments like place Santa will be flying to, things Santa is proud your kiddo did this year, toy suggestions, pet names, friends to say hi to, siblings to serve... this letter is personal and fun to read.
  • It will make me rich. (Enter shameless plug....)  Even moms have dreams of getting out of debt. We dream of financial security, sending kids on missions or to college and we dream of heaven.... a double size laundry room. Okay, it's out of the bag, I'm not independently wealthy.  I'm not a multi-million dollar heiress to a chocolate empire... though one can dream.  Nope.  I'm a mom.  I'm a dyed in the wool, stay at home, bread bakin', clothes makin', lunch tak'n bum spank'n mother of 6 trying to eek out grocery money and next months supply of pull-up undies for my nightime bed wetter. 

If you haven't ordered Santa Letters before, this is your year!  Just try it one year.  Letters are only $6 and will continue to go up as we get into December.  Most letters out there are $10-$20... crazy!  These letters are worth keeping affordable!

HURRY and order now so you can get in on the first shipment!!! 


Carri said...

Your letters sound very cool. How do we order?

TNelson said...

I'd love to do this for my small grandchildren. What's the deadline? I need to gather some information...



Jody said...

We're gonna get some soon. I'll let you know on Sunday.

And TNelson had a good idea....I'm going to tell my mom about it. thanks!

deborah said...

I definitely want to order for my little unbeliever

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