Christmas Pillows... out of Placemats.

I've made purses out of placemats but what about pillows? Here are a few ideas that are SIMPLE to make. And of course, they're pretty cheap! I love fabulous frugal gifts and decor!
Wouldn't these make great Hostess gifts!
Get yourself some killer looking Christmas placemats. Kohel's sells Christmas placemats (often 50% off) and they're about $3. You can also try Big Lots, Walmart, and Target.

Aproach 1- sew 2 together and stuff with polyfill. WARNING... if any of you have a sewing machine that acts like a princess and is particular... she's going to be sad about thick seams... ya may wanna stock up on sewing needles. For all you fancy machine owners... ignore me and read on. Aproach 2- Only will work if the place mat has a lining on the back that is not attached in the center. ( You can test this by holding the front and back fabric and pulling.. do they come apart? GREAT!) Cut a slit on the end of the back side lining and stuff poly fill on the inside... sew up the slit!
If you don't want to give pillows...come back tomorrow for more ideas!

Oh... Last chance to order your Letters from Santa before I mail out my first shipment after Thanksgiving!  The first shipment will arrive at your home in the beginning of December. Prices are still low but go up as we get into December. Go check out all 8 of my letters and imagine how much fun it would be for your munchkins to have grown up mail come from the REAL North Pole, Alaska!


The Real Me! said...

Cute cute cute! I'm going to have to be on the look out for cute placemats now!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great idea! I like the idea of finding one that you just open one side of stitching. I like easy!

Sarah said...

I tried this idea this summer and it worked perfect! Here's the link... http://athomewiththehinsons.blogspot.com/2009/07/outdoor-pillows-easy-way.html
Thanks for keeping us motivated. :) God's blessings on your Thanksgiving, Sarah :D

Maria said...

Beautiful & simple! all the hard work is done!
I love ideas like this...
Happy Thanksgiving!

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