Send ME your kids letter to Santa!

I'll admit.  Business is slow.  VERY slow.  The economy has taken it's toll and my usual first batch of letters has shrunk to below 2/3rds of what it normally is.  SO, being the momprenuer that I am, or have to be, I'm adjusting my business strategy... tweaking things to make them better.

Send ME your kids letters to Santa.  I will reply with a personal note on their letters, send the original letters WITH  a personalized letter postmarked from North Pole Alaska, and an instruction for the kids to put them in their scrapbook!  I'm only offering this bonus to people who purchase letters on my website and mark "Write Back" in the PROMO code area (so I know to look for your letters).  Letters to Santa need to arrive at my house by no later than DEC. 10th!

If you're interested, hurry and purchase your letter(s) at my website www.NorthPoleSecretary.com and contact me via email at NorthPoleSecretary@cox.net so I can match up who has purchased and start looking for your letters in my box.  Letters can also be emailed to NorthPoleSecretary@cox.net  I will print those letters and include them with your personalized letter.

Looking forward to reading all of those wish lists!
Thanks for your business and please pass it on!!
Pretty Organizer
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The Chick said...

Hi! I am really enjoying your blog, and I wanted to let you know that I actually nominated you for a blog award! I had to pick 15 blogs that I would recommend people follow and yours was on my list. The Santa letter idea is awesome! I would love it if you would pop over to my blog and see the award I have nominated you for. Thanks for such a great read! Lynn 1busychick.blogspot.com

Jane In The Jungle said...

Hey Pretty, So....are you doing letters to Santa this year?????

Bridget David said...

What an adorable idea! If I had kids...I'd definitely send a letter your way! :)


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