A Mom's Letter to Me about convincing her "doubter."

I think I have glue poisoning from licking all of those Santa Letter envelopes... I might go blind.  I'll need a braille machine soon.  Still not too late to order from Here. Friday, December 10th is the LAST DAY!!  Your letters help me to wrap up Christmas for my kiddos and I know they'll help make Christmas special for your kiddos too.  

Check out what one mom said about the letter she sent her kids from Santa...
I've had the North Pole Secretary send my kids letters for the past 2 years now. The first year, my skeptic 8 year old looked at the return address on the envelope for probably 2 minutes straight. You could see the "wheels turning in his head" as he finally had to admit that Santa had indeed sent him a letter. At that time, my 6 year old was ecstatic that Santa sent him a letter and even more excited to find out what Santa might bring him! Last year we wrote to Santa to let him know we were okay with a few less toys so he could give them to other kids who needed them more. They were touched that Santa would acknowledge their kindness.
These letters have helped my older children hang on to the magic a little longer, my younger children glow with excitement - and reminded all of them that Christ is the real reason for this joyous holiday.
Heidi B.

Whether Santa delivers your mail into here...

or this fancy lady here....

It will all arrive from the North Pole (with cancellation stamp), with a message from Santa about Christ and service, and be personalized to your kiddo. Check out the sample letters at NorthPoleSecretary.com.  Due to the amount of families with tight funds, we have made Family Letters this year to reduce your cost.  Just $18 to include everyone in one letter WITH a pat on the back from Santa for a family accomplishment!
I'm printing tonight, mailing them to the North Pole tomorrow and every Monday until they're out!

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