Introducing Africa to My French Provincial Style

I love these Pictures.

They were sent to me from my In- Laws who I LOVE DEARLY!

They're in Uganda, Africa and will be for 2 more years... *Sniff, blot eyes* I miss them.

Last year they sent me a Christmas Card made of finely cut grass and leaves glued together to make a nativity scene. I {heart} these pictures!

I asked my mom to send me more so I could hang them up... we have a couple of beautiful brown daughters in our house and I wanted something that reflected that on my walls.

I was trying to figure out how to put this ensemble together with what I had: 2 shadowbox frames, one black frame... I decided to glue a cheap dollar store frame ON TOP of the glass of the black frame. You're right, it's not straight- I don't care. It took me forever to center it this well.

Ta-da!- A year round nativity of African art in my very girly office (which is such a mess from writing Santa's letters (and other things) that it's not able to be photographed.


JANE said...

I just love reading your blog in the morning. I am so uncrafty and so bad with trying to put things together and organize that I am just living vicariously through you!!
Question, how well do your boxes hold up in bathrooms that are the main shower room? Does the humidity effect them much?

Amara said...

Wow - those are really cool. Can they send more? I would pay for one of those. I like the idea of bringing this culture into Christmas. I was just thinking about that this morning --that it all happened over there anyway --the wise men could have been African, and then as soon as Jesus was born, he went straight to Africa (Egypt). Really neat idea for Christmas decor.

Pretty Organizer said...

Jane lady- The boxes do great in bathrooms. I seal all of the boxes so they are pretty durable. I wouldn't leave them in standing water or use them to put kids bath toys in but as far as sitting on counters or shelves- no worries! Glad you like the blog.

Amara, I'll put in a request. They have all kinds of cards... and you should see my paper bead necklaces!! The women who make these things are incredible. I'll do a post on the necklaces some time soon!

Just us Five said...

thanks! you yourself have a beautiful family! and great home style~!
have a great night!

~*Lisa*~ said...

I love your blog. I just stumbled across it and I have to say when I saw your family picture I knew you were someone I would just love! ;) My sister is adopting a precious baby girl from Ethiopia. We are now just waiting on the court date so we can travel. Her blogs name is http://jesuslovinmommaof2.blogspot.com/ She is looking for travel advice right now for staying in Africa so when I saw your post about your in laws I thought you may be the person she needs to chat with! Thank you again for visiting my blog your words of encouragement are just amazing Thank you so much God Bless.

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