The Angel Tree... Christmas with Reeces Rainbow

This is Jayson.  I love him.  I've never met him and if I didn't already have 6 punk-a-noodles, I'd be on a plane to get him!     I'm so excited to tell you about our Christmas Angel Fund Drive.

North Pole Secretary will be raising funds for Reece's Rainbow ,
a non-profit agency that helps fund adoption expenses for children with Down syndrome

Individual letters are $8
A letter to your family is $18

The letters are very detailed and are personalized for your kiddo/family and come postmarked from the real North Pole, Alaska. All letters also recognize your child for an accomplishment this year and talk about the Savior,serving and the true meaning of Christmas.


Shawnie has 4 children with Down Syndrome.  3 of them she birthed on her own (Braxton returned to Heaven after a year), and the fourth is a cutie she adopted from Serbia.   Shawnie and I share a love no a PASSION for adoption.  After going through the adoption process, your heart is forever empathetic to parents who are searching for their children and the struggles (financial, emotional, etc.) that they go through to get their kiddos. Shawnie is even more empathetic to parents lookng for children with Down Syndrome.  I love Shawnie.

My friend Shawnie introduced me to an organization called Reeces Rainbow.  This non-profit helps to provide adoption grants to parents for orphan children with Down Syndrome.  These darling children are waiting for families and find them quicker when their adoption expenses are paid down.

You may know that I run NorthPoleSecretary to help pay down the adotion debt I incurred with my 2 girls. That's a whopping $50K price tag.  Jayson's adoption will cost $25K.   Well, we've been very blessed by the kindness of others over the years to have our wonderful girsl.  We wanted to find a way to give back and help with those outrageous fees and help Jayson find a family even faster.

I hope you will consider purchasing a letter for you kiddos.  I'd love to see Jayson's adoption fund beefed up for those future parents who are looking for their boy and who may just need to have a little relief in the pocket book. 

This is such a fun memory for your kiddos. This is also a fun way to keep kids on their toes through December... parents tell me that their kids were extra good because they got an early letter and knew Santa was watching them! I have clients who order this as a tradition every year!

Last day to order is Dec. 10th.

Letters will begin to be sent out right after Thanksgiving for a Pre-Christmas delivery!

Please visit the website www.NorthPoleSecretary.com to order and pay with debit/credit through PayPal. ON THE ORDERING PAGE THERE IS A PLACE FOR A PROMO CODE. PLEASE ENTER RR SO WE CAN RAISE LOTS FOR THE ANGEL TREE FUND!!!

through Dec. 10th.

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