Getting your kids to Write Letters To Santa... with a reply!

Just had a friend send me the letters her kids wrote to Santa.  I'm going to put them in with the letters she bought for her kids with a note from Santa to put them in their scrapbooks.  Santa will also scrawl a few comments on their lists!   If you want to buy letters and send me your kiddos Christmas lists or letters to Santa, Message me or leave a comment and I'll give you my address.  (No axe murderers or crazy people please.)

Visit my website to order the letters.  If you want to send me all your kiddos Christmas lists and just purchase a Family letter (a cheaper option for large families) I'm happy to send your kiddos lists back in the envelope postmarked from the North Pole.  What will your children think!?!?!?  So much fun!

Don't forget to put RR (Reeces Rainbow) in the PROMO code area to dedicate your funds to little Jaysons adoption expense fund! 

Only accepting orders until Dec. 10th.  Hurry and order now while you have the change in your pockets (think Black Friday) and cross one thing off your list. TRUST ME, this will be something your kids will LOVE.  It's an amazing magical memory. Visit NorthPoleSecretary.com

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