Message Center Inspiration: Just in time for School

Every year I look for a new way to organize my life. Due to the constant ebb and flow of a growing family of 8 I have a personal quest to contain chaos... granted, I've been on that quest for 14 years. The reality is that I'd like to blame my disorganization on my new system that failed... husband figured me out YEARS ago and politely plays along.

So right in time for school, here are a few message centers that may just tame your chaos, or give you a new system to blame, or just look pretty (because you've got it all together):

This is my favorite. Who'd a thunk to make an old headboard into a message center?!?!! CentsationalGirl: I want to live next door to you. What a fantastic idea! Don't you just love it!

JunkmailGems made this darling magnet board out of a GoodWill cookie sheet. I love the tin can that sticks to the board to house pens and pencils.

Inspiration: I'm turning all of my newly painted cabbys into message centers and recipe holders. This shot uses cork. I think I'm going to glue in galvanized metal and cover it with magnets.
Here's a shot from Craftzine. Yet another chalkboard paint creation. I love that you can hide all of your uglies behind your cabinets. That way no one sees when you have tampons or Preparation H on your shopping list.

Love this creation. Message center using wine corks for the cork board. Now, I don't drink wine and honestly wouldn't have a clue where to get the corks... I'll have to raid neighbors trash... but I love the earthy feel of this center.

Now... I just need to finish that school shopping. Maybe after I finish that bag of chocolate chips:)


Tracey said...

Mine's not nearly as attractive as these - just a cork bulletin board put up right above the hooks where bookbags and lunchboxes are hung - but it works! All those school papers and notices get attached in hopes of my remembering to send in goodies and/or money on the correct day!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Neat!! I just made a memo board with cork, fabric, and an old frame. :)


I bet you could ask your neighbors or some friends to collect some corks for you. We don't drink enough to do that.... :)

Anonymous said...

I love that idea- esp. switching it for magnets. I am going to get that going! and a chalkboard for a grocery list! Love it. I keep thinking about the organization book you always recommend. I just searched through your archives to find it, and I ordered it on Amazon!

I have 3 kids- age 5, 4, and 4, and they will ALL be in school in 2 weeks, so I am thinking of how to organize my time when they are away, and how to organize when they are home.

Thanks for all the great tips and ideas!

Reese said...

I had to add a link to you today. I always enjoy your posts, funny and informative.
I am a big fan of the free kids' clinics at Home Depot. This Saturday they are making little memo boards.

Anonymous said...

You can go to a local wine bar/bar/ restaurant and ask them for corks. I received several bags from a wine bar in Houston just by asking for them.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I'm always revamping my message board - I think I need more of my kids to read to make it effective, though.

Donna's Days said...

Mine is the front of the fridge. I know it is ugly- but it is the ONE place I know the kids will see things.

I like the idea of putting the cork board on the inside of the cabinets. I may have to try that one.

HeathahLee said...

A HEADBOARD? That girl amazes me. I love it! And this post makes me want to make my cabinets message centers, too!

-Julie said...

Ok, I'm totally going to do that cookie sheet thing! Thanks for all the tips!

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