Organize Medicine Cabinets with Magnets

Here's the greatest idea I've found so far to clean up your medicine cabinet clutter. Anyone have an avalanche every morning of hairspray, tooth brushes, and Chapstick? What? Only Me? Oh, humor me people and PLEASE let me think that some of you struggle with an ugly medicine cabinet! (yes, I'm reposting... lazy me on vacation!)

True: I use magnets in my medicine cabinets. They hang small zip loc baggies with medicine and doo dads from inside the door of my cabinet. They are a dream for space saving and sorting small items!

Well, Marth Steward organized this one in Jan. of 2006. Check out instructions here.

In a nutshell, you remove the shelves, buy sheet metal and have it cut to fit the back of your medicine cabinet. Glue the galvanized metal in place. Use magnets to help store things vertically both on the back of the cabinet and on the door! Great for hair ties, clippers (ours always walk away), medicine, etc.

Notice though... to get your cabinet to look this good, you can only buy Clinique make-up and silver colored bottles... Don't even think of having a colorful tube of CREST toothpaste in your cabinet!!! If you're a matching nut I guess you could spray paint your toothpaste tube each month... I'll pass.


Of course, if your cabinet looks like this... you're laughing at this post. Yours probably comes with luxury parking for your lipstick, a Ben-gay garage, and Q-tip closet... standard... these cabinets hold things and look good.


A drawer? Wow, what a great idea! Carving... Oooo.... Ahhh.... Nope, this Pretty Organizer will have to wait for such luxury. Maybe for the laundry room expansion (questions??? see this post).

If you're looking for those magnetic holders, Cost Plus world market has several in their kitchen storage area... so does The Container Store (paradise for a Pretty Organizer) and I would guess Bed Bath and Beyond.... if you're looking online, this is an option.... I know, dork to copy the whole page... using the hubbys MAC- no clue how to grab an image.

OR you can be ultra cheap like ME! I'd run out and buy a bunch of magnets, glue them on to cheap boxes or old medicine bottles and recycle my stuff to work in my Ultra Organized Magnetic Medicine Cabinet!

I linked up to Melissa at The Inspired Room because this is an idea that I love and makes my life a little easier and counters a bit more beautiful.

Wendy at the Shabby Nest is hosting a Frugal Friday party and though I have not done all of the Martha Stewart item myself, I thought is was enough inspiration to spring board a few of you with less than 6 kiddos into action! Go visit my friends parties today for more inspiration and fantastic posts!


Clean and Classic Interiors said...

I don't have a medicine cabinet but if I did I would be using those magnets. What a perfect idea! Now I'm trying to think of where else I could put them in my house?

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Wonderful tip!!!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Great ideas! I don't have a medicine cabinet...but I love the idea with the magnets.

shopannies said...

what a wonderful tip thanks

Becky said...

I read you blog all the time but I had to post today a great idea I found for bathrooms. I hung a shoe organizer over the linen closet door and keep all my medicine cabinet stuff in there since we don't have one. Since the pockets are clear it is easy to find everything and the children's tylenol doesn't get lost in the back somewhere when you are searching at 2am.

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