Host a Giftwrapping Party!!

The average person spends at least 3 hours wrapping Christmas gifts per year.  That means if you have an above average size family... you probably experience numb legs, aching back and are sick of hearing Mariah Carey sing "All I Want For Christmas is YOUooo"... my least favorite tune.  Yes, after gift wrapping, all I want is an appointment with my chiropractor and massage therapist... if I had one.

A few years ago I  hosted a small gift wrapping party.  I invited a few other moms I knew who had a million children and told them to bring their spoils and wrapping and come enjoy a night of laughs, good chocolate, and decent Christmas songs.

They came.  It was a hit.  We do it every year.  One of my friends has a hubby who insists on wrapping all the presents... he LOVES it.  SO, she just brings herself and helps us dig in and get the work done!

Back to Nature Giftwrap

By the end of the evening we still need chiropractors and massages but we enjoyed the evening instead of racing the clock to Christmas morning.

It's fun to get ideas from each other.  I never used bows until Mrs. Holiday brought out her overstuffed bow box and made me tie bows all over my packages for fear my Christmas morning would look frightful instead of delightful.  She converted me... I tie bows now (at least for all of the gifts on TOP of the pile).

Doilies to the Rescue

Now I look forward to wrapping gifts and getting together with my wrapping friends.  I still manage to spend 1/3 of my time hunting for my scissors and another 1/3 of my time hunting for the tape but just when I think I'm on the brink... I have a few friends who toss me their tape and share in the laugh.

Remember to keep your wrapping party intimate unless you have a sprawling house, or no presents.  I hosted ladies who had 5+ kids each so we kept it REALLY tiny and still managed to fill a room.  Don't fret about hosting details. This kind of a party is more of a, "come as you are (in your exercise outfit), stay 'till it's finished, eat 'till your sick," kind of get together.  It by all means can be an impromptu affair!

Yes, Santa Letters are Still $6 because we have Life and 6 Kids, and Dishes, and Dog, and No Energy and are completely and utterly EXHAUSTED around here.  SO, until Mr. Pretty Organized Changes things tomorrow... the Christ Centered Letters from Santa are cheap!


Sherrie said...

I have always thought it would be fun to have a wrapping party! TFS all the ideas

Valerie said...

I love all of these great ideas! I want to do everything one! :) Thanks for finding all of Martha's tips for us! I am filing this post at thecraftersfilebox.com.

Thanks for sharing!

Jody said...

OK, so while you all wrap and I wait patiently to tie ribbon.....I'm going to make each and every cute homemade wrappings you posted. I love all of them...especially the doilie ones!

West Hill Heritage said...

Love all the wrap tips - thanks

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