Palace Hopping....Christmas Decor

In a perfect world all of our stockings are hung by December 1st.  But this isn't a perfect world... it's better... I call it the "Holiday House."  I'm friends with Mrs. Holiday and get to see her house transform from Happy Halloween to Happy Holidays... by November 1st. No Joke.  Did I mention Mrs. Holiday has 6 kiddos too?  That makes this transformation all the more miraculous.

Mrs. Holiday's tree is trimmed in traditional red, white and green colors and because I take crummier than lousy pictures, you may never see it's full splendor, or notice that she also hangs snowflakes from the ceiling all  around her tree.  It's breath-taking in real life. I'm scouring for snowflakes this week.

If you're a kid this is akin to entering wonderland.  Every horizontal and vertical space is neatly and beautifully decorated with Christmas.  My kiddo visits and then comes home and tells me we need to decorate for Christmas... even though ALL of my decorations are up.  Mrs. Holiday LOVES Christmas and honors it stylishly in her home.

Right down to the ice-skates hanging in the corner.  No detail is missed.  

She adds a touch of Christmas to the kitchen (I took a solemn oath on a plate of sugar cookies not to take a picture of her countertops... she's still a mother of 6 after all) by wrapping each cupboard door with ribbon.  I stole the idea last year and loved it!

Anything that looks like it's made by hand... probably is.  Mrs. Holiday welcomes in the season of giving by working round the clock on handmade Christmas cards, decorations, baking sugar cookies and pumpkin bread... she lets her inner elf take over.

She even changes out the wall hangings for hand painted canvas's that wish all who enter this happy home a Merry Christmas.  

Hanging snowflakes around your tree, wrapping cupboards, burning candles.... What other creative ideas do you have for decking the halls?

Thursday is the LAST DAY to order letters from Santa!!!  Prices are now $8 as soon as hubby gets around to changing them on the website today.  Maybe you could beat him to it and order them for $6!  Visit...  NorthPoleSecretary.com to order.  Check out the story NBC did on the business HERE.


The JAMC Johnsons said...

Oh, I am so loving those decorations. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for just getting my tree up and putting a wreath on the door. Oh, well, I'll just store the ideas for another year...

The JAMC Johnsons said...

PS In fact, I loved the decorating ideas so much, I mentioned them on my blog. ; )

ServinGsus said...

I am totally snagging the idea of putting bows up in my kitchen next year (this year we are remodeling the kitchen!). That's adorable!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

How beatiful! I love the way she displayed the letters for NOEL on her shelves. Love the idea of putting ribbon on the kitchen cabinets ~ and I just happen to have some extra red ribbon floating around, hmmmmm.


I love all of your Christmas decorations. You inspired some great ideas. Thanks! I love your blog.

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