A GIANORMOUS thank you to the Mother Bird

for her inspiration and encouragement to let some of her best loved flock migrate to my warm south west Palace for a day.... please know dear birdies that you are welcome back any time and I'd love to have a few winter over a little longer.

Of note: This little Home-made Holiday booked me 3 boutiques in 1 day, allowed me to offer my services for a much needed charity silent auction to be held this weekend (see info below), and I'm trying to get quotes to a hat maker in Santa Monica to be their "hat box designer" who knew the market was so ready for
PrettyOrganized boxes? Thank you for your feedback! I am so grateful.

The proceeds I make are going directly to pay off the adoptions of 2 of our beautiful girls. Your interest has really been encouraging to me. Thank you.

So, without further ado, adeiu, a deu??? The winner of the 3 custom nesting hatboxes is.... DRUM ROLL............................................

Sarah & Crew

Congratulations. If you go to my Etsy store and click on the contact me button (to the right) you can let me know your colors, contact info and where to send them!

To everyone else... I'm trying to visit all your blogs. There is so much talent out there. I need pointers from all of you html visually gifted bloggers on how in the world to make my heading look like a real banner and not just an imported family pic..

By the way...the Etsy store is going to have a few more items soon.. my hands are covered in spray paint (wedding ring needs a good scrub!) and I have red spray paint boogers.... can I say that on the web? Some boxes even have fringe.... Oooooo.....and finials.... AHhhhhhhh.... and toile....Ohhhhh!

I will be offering a large 14" hatbox in the Silent Auction being held for a very ill sweetheart named Zoe. There are tons of things to bid on and I encourage you to check out my box as well as the other offerings. Proceeds will go directly to Zoe's parents to help cover living and medical expenses.

You're all invited back now ya' hear? We're going on an eye candy adventure of Pretty Organized and decorated homes in the south west... follow me, subscribe to me, Mr. Linky me, tell your friends because you don't want to miss it! Monday is the big Day!

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