A First Time For Everything

Anyone who knows me will laugh at the title of my blog.  They know that I leave my milk glass in my room next to my bed, that I shove the days papers into my roll-top desk before company comes and that much of my mornings are spent looking for the missing shoe of any of my 6 kids... don't get me started on missing or not matching socks! 

Still, I love it when things look pretty and when they're organized... however enept I am at keeping them that way.  I'm constantly in search of "a better way" to manage lifes little messes- which at my house are daily and often!  So, from  a not so perfect (who would need all those pretty boxes and a roll top desk if they were perfect?)  organizing crafty mother of 6 I share with you my Palace... from the perspective of the maid... who also happens to be the Queen... ME!

First up... Pretty Storage.  Yes, a shameless plug for selling my creations.  You can check items out at my store. http://PrettyOrganized.etsy.com  So, what do I use hat boxes for?
Well, for starters: Weddings. This set was one of many used to decorate my brothers wedding. Great decorations... but that's not all NO, Thats Not All!

They go great in the bathroom to hide those "unsightlies" TP, Feminine supplies, make up, hair dryers, first aid, and if you're trying to keep the kids out of it... fingernail polish. (I had a long cleaning session with my carpet a few months back because Mr. Nobody who frequents our house often spilled it in my bedroom.)

Aren't they great! Okay.. enough said. Shameless plug over.

Off to take care of kiddos and figure out how to make this blog look a little more Palatial than it does now:)

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grouchy whitecat said...

Hello,I saw your link at The Nesting Place so decided to check out all the links.
I love your painted boxes. I'm not keen on the colors, but color is a very personal (and quirky) choice.
If I may make a suggestion for your Etsy store, list the dimensions of the containers.

I decorate cigar boxes sometimes, but mine are much funkier looking. I may try your painted box idea. I have some stencils I can use since I can't actually paint or draw.
Thanks for the eye candy and good luck with your blog and store.

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