Disposable Clothes and a Home Tour

The Pitch...
Surely there must be at least 1 fashionista Mother out there who wants to start a highly lucrative cloting business..... Good thing I thought of one!!   PLEASE!!!  I, the mother of 6, am begging one of you to invent disposable clothing!  Disposable diapers were a hit!  Why not disposable clothing?  I will never have a day in my life when that laundry is really finished unless we have disposable clothes or designated naked days... which would be very scary.  Today was one such day when I wished for such an invention.  There.  So now you all have my royalty free idea to make you millions, the bulk of business coming from overworked moms of 4+ kids who never see the end of their laundry pile!  End of Speach. When I'm brave, I'll take a picture of my laundry and give you the routine... I'm major simplified.

Where People Stash their "Stuff" Part 2!
 Love this satee!

I have a friend who I will call "Mrs. Whimsical"  She is exactly that. AND she is classy and a great artist and designer.  One of those moms who makes a t-shirt and jeans look like dress-up wear and can find a compliment for everyone out there. I visited her Palace and this is where she stashes her stuff... 

The downstairs activity center.  Before....

After......Mom with 4 kids.  2 under the age of 3.  Not unfamiliar with a mess but you'll rarely catch her house out of place... only few in her very secret circles get to see the food on the counter or an occassional speck of dust on the basebaords (I know her weakness... feed her chocolate and a Diet Coke and she'll talk... Now I'm in that circle. Lucky me!)

The Game room.  Love the stacked storage.   I always am looking for a unique way to go verticle with storage.

The front room... oooo, it looks like my Pretty Organizers decided to go on vacation!  They love their new spot on Mrs. Whimsicals table.

Oh, and look there are a few next to this chaise... very frenchy!

Show stopper bed.   LOVE the textures.  

Goodbye clutter... hello, tall dark and handsome!

Bedside chest.   Yep! holds the candy stash... this girl has her priorities in order.  Chocolate first.  THAT- my friends, is how you never get out of bed grumpy!!

Not ever sure if anyone reads this stuff but, I must say that to have dear Kimba sign on to follow my blog sent me into shock.  Kimba is on the list of Rock Star Bloggers... with Nester, and Melissa at the Inspired Room.  I've had their posters on my wall!  I can't wait to go to their concert and get the T-shirt!  I've memorized every blog entry they ever made!!  Ouch!  I think my nose just grew.  Now, I'm working on a tri-fecta:)    

Okay, off to finish more organizers and get ready for Saturdays boutique.  If you're in the Phoenix area, I'll be doing a boutique off of Sossaman and Queen Creek Roads in Remington Heights neigborhood.  Any questions or need for directions... just leave a comment.

I hope these ideas are useful!


Kira said...

Maybe I will just go back to sleep. I have crumbs on my counter and dust on my baseboards. MAYBE....I just need more places to stash, luckily I have a BEAUTIFUL set of stacking boxes from P.O. THANK YOU!!!!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Wow beautiful and organized- I'm in heaven!!

Katie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, twinserkins. I fell in love with your blog because of your red and white & black damask theme. It's my favorite- it's what we used for our wedding and someday, will use for parts of a house. I LOVE the way you've decorated your home and intend on buying one of your cute organizers one day soon when I get a house to decorate (we're in the market). Your home (and family) is beautiful- thanks for the inspiration!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...


M ^..^

southerninspiration said...

Your house looks GREAT! I love your bed!!!

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