Easy to Store Halloween Decor- and Toy Furniture

This is the last day to leave comments for the Free PrettyOrganized Giveaway.  In honor of NestingPlace's Handmade Holidays.  See yesterdays post and don't forget to visit my etsy store!  Stay tuned- I'll be stocking the store shelves with a splash of red and a little toile!

Alright ladies,

First off, I love Fall- but I'm not too "into" Halloween.  I also have a family of 8 and as you can imagine, storage space is a constant issue.  This is the decore that currently adorns my Palace. (please ignore the uncut grass,  for you lucky 4 season climates it's overseeding time in Arizona- that means we scalp our summer lawn and plant another winter lawn over the top... and we do it every year! Crazy.)  I made these out of the left over chinese lanters (they lay flat when stored) from my brothers wedding.  Just spray painted them then decorated faces.... 

Next up!  Anyone have Lego's, Imaginext, K'nex, or Barbies?  We have a few budding architects in the house and an entire Imanginext system.  It's so huge that my kids can't construct their proper "universe" in their own rooms.  So, I turned over the theatre room (which also doubles as the game room, music conservatory, library, and family room) for storage.  

This chest came to us for free.  I think it had been painted 5 times before I got it.  It was beyond another paint job so I wallpapered it with craft paper... Modpodge.  

Too lazy to paint the sides so I brushed on black then attacked it with a clean decorating stamp.  Walla!

Now the building supplies are PrettyOrganized.  

Here's a view from the top.  I embellished the top with music motif (both me and the hubby hold degrees in music... and now the kids have taken up instruments), paint, printwork.... 

The piece screams attention.  I thought I might not be able to pass it off as furniture but so far the guests all rave about what a neat chest I have.

So, if you have those yucky pretend wood wrapped K-Mart special assemble yourselves and end up with a few extra pieces kind of drawers or shelves laying around... even if they've been retired to your closet- they can still be used!  Just buy a few gallons of Mod-Podge and get to work!  A cool piece of furniture sure beats those RubberMaid boxes.  You can be Pretty Organized too! 

Don't forget to visit tomorrow to se who won the Free Hat Box Giveaway!!!  

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