A Few Pretty Organizers: Coming to your Home Soon!

Here are a couple of favorites I'll have up on my etsy store today! Hope you like them.

I Love Paisley! Oo La La! Isn't this an eye catcher? I love this hat box. It's 14"s in diameter and will be up on etsy soon! May want to jump quick. This one's going to go fast!

This red fringe beauty will dress up any room. It's 8" in diameter and 8" high. This fancy lady will hold plenty of your odds and ends... sure to spruce up any space.

Here's another beauty.  She's mine forever! I love this sweetheart.  She's the inspiration behind Pretty Organized. We're working toward paying off the adoption of our two beauties- picture of our 18 month old is on a different computer... I'll show her later.  All sales go toward that end.

Here are a few more boxes that will be on etsy.



Oh, by the way... Nester invited me to sit down at her table! (see past posts)  She really is as dear as her blogging voice leads you to believe.  I'm so grateful to her for her help and friendship. Thank you to all of you Nestingplace Faithfuls who have given me a chance and checked me out.

Please come back tomorrow.. I'll be posting Part two of Where real people stash their stuff!

Also, 2 more giveaways coming soon!

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Sharon said...

Your daughter is darling! We have two adopted little girls too. Isn't life grand?


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