Pretty Storage- Part 1

Not all homes look like Model Homes.  That's because people (WITH children) live in them.

Can't tell you how many times I look at a new house and think, "Why can't my house look like that?"  Uuhh... because we eat and produce laundry piles and our kids have papers that come home... we also receive mail.   Pretty Empty Organized Palaces are pretty but meaningless.  Model homes don't have to look for a place to hide acne cream, tampons or Preparation H.

This is a real house with pretty real people inside (8 of them!  Yes I fit 8 people in this house AND their stuff!-  I can fit 12 in that car.... Oooo I know you're all getting Van envy:).  Storage challenge is my life!

Here's just a few of the ideas I found this weekend... more to come in Part 2 this week.

Stereo Equipment- Most guys have no clue how ugly it is.  Do I hear a few, "Amen, sister Amens" out there?  Check out this idea!

A teenagers room?


Trust me, this space gets used!

Jack up the bed on those Home Depot cinder blogs... super cheap.  Ta-da!  Extra storage!

Pretty furniture.

Pretty Storage... we need this because maniquins in model homes don't get cold or read.

Pretty Bed. (Notice the lack of headboard... haven't had one for 13 years of marriage.  This mistreatment has been up for 5 years- works great!)

Pretty storage.  Hand-me-down 70's cedar chest. Timeless and FREE.

Give me a desk with a ton of drawers... I'll fill them.

Furniture leave a space in the corner?  I use the corner.

Yes, I inherrited an organ (it's a well known muscicians law that you never give away musical instruments.. you collect them- this is Mr. Organized's collection.)  There's a giant space back there... I use it.  Remember 8 people stash their stuff in this house.

More up soon.  Check out my etsy store and be looking for my ad button on Nestingplace.  I'll have Christian based letters from Santa coming soon!  

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southerninspiration said...

Yes, I clicked on your "box" from the Nester's blog..so you are there and it works! I love your storage ideas, and your boxes...so pretty!
And I totally agree that we have to live in our homes, and that gets messy. I would love to be in a model home, but it would be lonely!

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