Gussying up the Guest Bath- Again

You may want to go out and get yourself a week long emergency chunk- a- chocolate supply because your big hunk- a- man is going to be a little put out after you see this post! He may want you to stop heading over to Pretty Organized Palace... that's when you grab the chocolate and hide in the ugly bathroom- he'll have to haul out his tools to take the door off to get you out... might as well put them to work! The honey do list may stretch because....Hmmmm... don't you just want to redo that bathroom?

Okay, so have ya'll caught on that I've been whisked away by the hubby for a weekend of cooler temperatures? So, until I get back... enjoy the re-post!

Like this one?

You could do this in a weekend... right dear?

It'll take us a quick afternoon... really. I won't even complain about the football game... why don't you invite a few friends over and I'll fix ya'll something!... just a quick bathroom facelift before the guests come... please?

Ladies, if you can't get your men folk to agree this really isn't too hard.
See those neat looking cabinets?

2 hour time... not including dry time of course. Cabinets were originally walnut color... glue on a few wood decorative pieces (Home Depot, Lowes, Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby), slap some paint on the cabinets, sand some off to reveal the ugly wood underneath, give your little lady some new jewelry... (hardware) and if you love that sealed look... seal it. Ta-Da... your Saturday project!

This beauty was easier than it looks...

The cabinets were jacked up and given some high heels and an eye catching drawer pullfor the carved wood look... you should see the cabinet they "faked Frenchy" with MDF.(see website below) Lighting on the bottom is rope lighting... yeah- after Christmas Sale item! Cabinets were 1970's cabs painted black and whitewashed with thinned down paint. More than a water closet now! Check out HGTV.com's Rate my Space best rated bathrooms for more pics! All these bathrooms are there!

As long as you have the excuse of guests coming, you might as well finangle a way to make a few capital improvements right! Now, go Pretty Organize your Palace!


Kira said...

I am all over redoing my bathrooms. It is my next big project. You can get a granite countertop and sink at Home Depot for your bathroom for about $200. Not too bad. Also, if you are in the SLC are you can get really nice Pottery Barn Bathroom lights for $6 (my friend just redid her bath last month). Great cabinet ideas!

Anonymous said...

....and as soon as he finishes those quick bathrooms at your home, send him on over here!
The Jolly Dog House

Michelle said...

Great ideas!!! We are going to redo our 1/2 bath in the near future.

Take Care

Bobbi Jo said...

Oh wow! I love those bathrooms especially the first one.
How do you make the frames for the medicine cabinet and the large ugly mirrors? I want to make the frames but I am not sure what all it takes. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Rae said...

These bathrooms are FANTASTIC!!! I need to finish painting my upstairs bathroom vanity. Well, I should rephrase that. I need to START the project! Sand, prime, paint, etc. Hubby is amazing at all sorts of things but painting is not exactly one of them!

So nice to meet you!! Your family is beautiful!

janet said...

I absolutely love your blog, the bathroom post is awesome, and oh my gosh, love what you did with the flat panel doors and the dressers...WOW!!! SO much inspiration you have here to see. thanks for sharing.

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