Dressers in Distress

Okay ladies... look at this dude.  Poor guy.  Poor Poor man.  You see, this man belongs to the Keeper of the Wood; Protectors of the Natural Grain Club.  This triumphant look is due to the fact that he "rescued" this dresser.  
This man just spent hours, and money to strip pink paint off of that dresser and restore it to it's original finish as a college project.  Poor dear... in a few more years he's going to bring his lovely bride home and set her free in his domain and someday that guy's gonna come home to a proud nesting wifey and a pink dresser!  Let us all bow our heads and wipe the drool from our chins because this dresser is screaming Paint Me AGAIN!
This dresser doesn't look so distressed.  My friend Jen at The Magic Brush is responsible for this sweetheart set of drawers.  Wonder how she does that diamond pattern?  You can read the how to HERE.
Mmm... bubble gum delicious pink.  Now who'd want to go and scrape the paint off of them drawers?  Shameful... she's a beauty.
This is another favorite.  Love the color.  Not all drawers have to be perfect to speak to you from across the room.

Although, this lady is downright perfect in my book. I might snazzy up those knobs a bit but swooooon... she's elegant!

Are you inspired?  Don't forget to head back here TOMORROW  for our Dressed up Dresser Party.  Come link up to your painted dresser and show it off to blogland!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love all of them, but esp. the last one. I agree about the knobs...they need a little sumthin'. ;)

Magic Brush said...

Ahhhh.... thanks!!!!! I have some I will link up tomorrow!!!!!

mary said...

the boy with the dresser cracks me up! it is so true... why do guys think it is more beautiful varnished?? some fancy schmancy kinda wood maybe??

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

That is hilarious. I actually almost loved the one he "rescued" and then he wrecked it...poor guy. :0

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Men like that natural wood look - like it's a sin to paint wood! I love all the painted dressers you showcased in this post.

misso stitches said...

variety is the spice of life, and I do enjoy pieces that pop! Especially with all the pretty knob and pull hardware available to dress pieces up!

But... that dresser does look like it was made out of a figured hardwood, so it might have been worth it to see the spalting, quilting or striping. I don't mind painting poplar, ash, pine (lacking in any visually interesting grain, *so* boring) but a 150 year old piece made of bird's eye maple? Yeah, I'd rank painting that up there with other cardinal sins.

Okay, yes, it's true, I took two semesters of wood furniture in college. :)

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