5 More Days Left

I know you are all tired of my infomercials... Here's another one. Only without the lovely hand model. I'll let you think I have my fancy, sparkly Vanna White gown on though! Oh, and pretend I have my nails painted (ignore that it's spray paint).

Santa Letters are only being sold for 5 more days!!! I have to get them off to North Pole Alaska for Santa's approval and the cancellation stamp. Things are getting busy and if you want yours before Christmas you need to go to www.NorthPoleSecretary.com and order!

Please tell everyone you know about NorthPoleSecretary.com and help me take a chunk out of our 40K ... yes you saw that correctly, a whopping 40K adoption tab. (and worth every penny) Any help you could give to spread the word (personal emails to friends.. etc) would be appreciated! I LOVE YOU ALL... REALLY! I have been very blessed and am grateful for all your help... we have had a great response.

Mailed from North Pole from Santa.

Message from Santa about true meaning of Christmas... Christ.
Recognition for your child's accomplishments
Personalized to fit your child... Check out the
sample letters here.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

Why leave the house and fight the crowds? Go to my etsy store and dress up someones dorm room, living room, bedroom, bathroom or bookcase (these babys can go anywhere) with a Pretty Organizer! You need these, you really do... for sure you need them more than that singing fish plaque that came out a few years ago or a dancing Santa. These are pretty and useful! You could just wrap your hubby's tie in one and keep the box for yourself!

All money for both of these projects are paying down our majillion dollar adoption expenses for our 2 girls.

Thanks for your patience. I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog programming... I love you blogging friends! Have a super day!

hugs.. Pretty Organizer.

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Ky said...

Hi there!
Just wanted to let you know my daughter received your letter today. What a magical moment to watch your child read a letter customized toward her. She was particularly intrigued that Santa knew about her best friend and immediately took Santa's advice about the "giving" part of Christmas. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have already made our Christmas very special.
PS Your letter really reassured her after one particular day *lol* http://happa-ilyeverafter.blogspot.com/2008/12/christmastime-in-our-house.html The timing of YOUR letter could not have been more perfect LOL

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