Decking the Dining Room

I'm opting out of a real post... I think I have glue poisoning from licking all of those Santa Letter envelopes... I might go blind.  I'll need a braille machine soon.  Still not too late to order from Here.

Sooo.. I hope you enjoy the inspiration from Rate My Space... these gals have got their holiday act together.

I DON'T have one of these fancy thingy's to drip lights from... I think any extra weight would cause mine to fall.  Come to think of it, I don't even have a dining room!

Do you notice the theme of drippy, frenchy, fancy mirrors?  I DO have these!!  I'm a mirror nut!... might be a little vain... but I {HEART} them!

Color me a red room... I love red too...

What do you have in your dining room? 


allisha said...

Dining Room? What's that?
We have an eat in kitchen. It is big enough for our round table, but that's about it! A dining room will be on the "not compromising list" for the next house!
Have a good day!

JANE said...

We have one long room and at one end is the Kitchen, the other end an itty-bitty den with the piano, and the big table for 8 is between both areas. I love the RED!!!!!!

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