Subtle Touches of Christmas Part 2

I feel more relaxed in simple spaces.  These rooms are simple and festive.  Love the ornaments over this picture frame.

Brown paper packages.... tied up with fancy string.... one of my favorite things!

Tomorrow I'm revealing my tree...which may I add, would be refused at any thrift store drop-off.  I don't think I could pay someone to take it!  It's a cross between a Charlie Brown Tree and the Grinch's fingertips... you'll see...  Isn't this one simple and lovely?  

First, IF I had a canopy bed, I would hang snowflakes.  Second, IF I had a blue room, I'd give it splashes of red just for good measure... 

Lest we forget ourselves and escape reality and think this beautiful scene would work in our house.... these are glass bulbs, on the GROUND... WAITING for your child to come by and toss them into the fire, or at you or a brother...  Yes,  this is a model home... for mannequins.  Honestly, if you have glass bulbs on the ground (and they do look pretty there) and an unattended fire lit...   Let's just say that this would be the last picture taken at my house before it burned.

Still dreaming of a dining room.  

Love this furniture... especially the piano in the back (music degree remember..) Can you see the carved work where you rest the music?  Crazy that my eye was drawn there.  Decorating for Christmas is so much easier if your walls are already red... just add green and  your set.  You don't need a huge formal wreath... just bunch greenery, tie with ribbon and hang over your door... I'm off to whack down the neighbors over grown branches!

Come back tomorrow for my bare all Christmas tree confessional!


Lisa said...

Thanks for all the Christmas Eye Candy. Unattended fire...he he NOT!

JANE said...

Hmmm... glass balls being thrown into the unattended lit fire, oh yea I can see it now!!!LOL!!!
Can't wait for the tree post!!

Sara said...

Good eye on the glass balls. My kid would think they were apples to eat.

I'm so happy with my solution to the Christmas tree in the family room problem.
As you know, I have a one year old. I have a "for pretty" tree in the living room, he never goes in there...baby gates and all. But the tree for the family room....I couldn't even set it up, without him taking it down. So, While my sweet munchie was in bed, My hubby and I hauled it up to the master bedroom. YAY! Perfect solution. It makes the room so ChristmasY.

For the family room, I'll just have Nester's Garland on the mantle, and other things hung about. But I figured, the tree isn't Christmas, and we'd live without it in our family room this year. :)

Can't wait to see your charlie brown tree tomorrow!

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