I {HEART} Couches!

Nester hearts chairs... I HEART couches!

I settled for a leather set, the color of silly putty (it was on sale) and have made it work for 6 years. I'm tired of silly putty, with pen marks and milk stains (check back again for my bare all cleaning post...) and so I dream of Victorian Beauties like this only with new fabulously fun material...

Scrubby material doesn't scare me... I'm after the curvy shape of this elegant lady. My palace needs at least 2 of these! I might even paint the wood... I'll have to wait until my husband has a business trip for that since he is "guardian of all things wood, protector of the natural grain"... I'm sacreligious with my painting frenzies!
or maybe this...

THIS. is a fainting couch. Ever wonder why all those ladies faint in movies like Pride and Prejudice? It's because they get to lay on these babies! I'd faint every day to lay on this elegant lady!

Oh, my, I feel soo... sooo... ahh...{Faint... THUD}. Ooo where am I? Oh, on the Fainting couch.... Dishes to do?.... {Faint again}.

I stalk craigs list. Ebay. Your garage sales... If you have one of these, you need to guard it!

I grew up with this one... only with cream crushed velvet. MMmmm...

I'm dreaming of reupolstering ladies... Christmas isn't even here and I'm lining up projects for the New Year!


The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

Thanks for the visit from Inspired Room! Nope, I don't have a gajillion kids, just 4. All the stockings are for my parents on down. I have 3 sisters plus spouses and kiddos! It's very busy and FUN at Christmas around here!

It looks like are one busy lady yourself! Sweet family you have there! Good to meet ya!

JANE said...

OK girl you need to visit me today to get a peak of the "festive" decorating!!
We had a faint couch growing up, it was my great aunt's. Had the old tapestry brocade on it and the carved wood! Don't know what happened to it but I loved it!!

Kimba said...

Faboo, lady! My hubby is a protector of all things wood too. My penchant for painting anything that sits still makes his heart ache.

The area where I live is pretty old (demographically speaking) so our craigslist is chock-full of this type of furniture. You can come visit and load up a u-haul with fainting couches. :-)


Nicol said...

Those are the same kind of couches that I would love to have! I thought I was a little odd....maybe I am and we'll be a little odd together.

Becki said...

I thought that my husband was the guardian of all things wood!! Must definitely be something specific to the male species. Beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Becki

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