Spashes of Christmas around my house

Okay ya'll here it is. This is my second post for the day, or at least in 24 hours so visit the other one below if you have an ugly closet...
Welcome! Oooh, thanks for the invite Kimba to your Open House! And thanks to new friends for dropping in to check out what's been keeping me busy! I've also linked to The Inspired Room for today's Friday Linky Love.  Enjoy Christmas site seeing around blogland!

Without further adeiu... (is that how you spell that frenchy word?)

Spray painted ornaments hanging from my door knockers... wrapped my picture. Sorry for the goofy angle, it's in my hallway.

My favorite mirror... a thrift store find repainted. I love it every day I see it... I still feel the thrill of the kill (or find)!

Life in the backround... Please ignore:) Oh, and ignore the smudge marks on the mirror. Kids cleaned this for their chores... price you pay for responsible children.

Garland over my not-hearth. She's over my hutch. WITH a birdcage... Nester inspired!

Must of had too much of Kimbas wassil when I was taking a few of these shots... pardon. They look great if you squint your eyes!

Banister garland.... My pinecone is almost as big as Kimbas!

The pumpkins again!... How are they holding up?

Just found out... This one got replaced with another from our garden. Funny though, they don't squish until you poke them... I found out when I was trying to move them for the picture.

Wassil effect is getting worse!! Keep Squinting!

Thanks for visiting! Good to meet you!


JANE said...

OK girl, you are so un-hodge-podge!! Everything looks wonderful! Visit me today please, I need some help.

Nicol said...

Everything looks so festive! I love your thrift store mirror!

jenjen said...

Your house looks wonderful! I love your garlands and the mirror with the wreath on it. So creative. Thanks for sharing!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love your decorations~absolutely adorable!
I hope you'll visit soon, I will have my last giveaway of December this Friday.

Laura B. said...

Can you come and do my garland? It's unbelievable! Love it.

Erika said...

Lovin that wreath and trift store mirror and those Nester garlands!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

WOW...that garland is FAB-U-LOUS! You're so creative and talented!

Kimba said...

Beautiful! That mirror is fabulous! I would have tripped you and ripped it from your fingers if we had been in the thrift store at the same time. ;-)

And I love seeing a peek of real life in the background.

Merry Christmas,

Lori said...

Beautiful! The wreath on the mirror and garland on the railing are my favorites!

Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

SO pretty! I love it. =)

Bonita said...

Beautiful decorations! I love that banister and those pretty pumpkins.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Love it all...the pumpkin is the best. Definite beauty and bedlam moment. And I would be thrilled every time I saw that mirror as well. What color was it when you found it...and how much? We want the scoop. :)

Maven said...

I came by way of Mr. Linky - Merry Christmas and nice to meet you!

Your banister garland is SPECTACULAR!

I Loved everything you've done!

honeysuckle said...

I am impressed you find time to do anything creative around your house with your large family! And it all is gorgeous! I especially love the banister garland. Thanks for the tour.

JANE said...

Hey Girl, left you something on my blog tonight!!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Those garlands are all gorgeous! Everything looks festive and beautiful!


Tamara Jansen said...

everything looks wonderful!

SHURTER'S :) said...

Just wanted to let you know that we recieved Nick's letter today! Thanks for re-sending it! I don't know where the other one is, but I am truely greatful that you re-sent it. You made his day! :)

Several of my friends have seen them and think they are great and want to get them from you next year already if you do them again!

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