Glow in the Dark Cabinets

Please understand that this lame post... is just a filler for all the good stuff I normally offer. It just lets you know dear readers that my poor paint color choice hasn't killed me and neither have my husband or 12 year old who, without complaint, have watched the kids for me as they helplessly witness the kitchen turn into something that's a cross between an Andes dinner mint and a rave party.

I sit here on a Sunday afternoon staring at the disaster I created all by myself! Independently, single-handedly I have destroyed my kitchen. All it took was 1 week and 2 cans of paint.

Think I'm joking? Here's the proof!

and another one...  Family of 8 remember?  I didn't even clean up the mess!  Sorry friends.

See? It doesn't matter what kind of light...

My cabinets are the color of Glow in the Dark Paint. Really. Period. They scream their presence. Monday will be spent at Dunn Edwards ordering another can of paint to correct my gross error.  And yes, my house is a mess... I'm keep'n it real and showing my Pretty Dis-Organized Palace in the raw today.  Forgive me?  I've decided the only thing that's worth painting Glow in the dark is the toilet in my boys bathroom.

Instead of reading my schlopp head over to Kimba's and find out why I'll be participating in her "Unplugged" challenge for this Friday.  (I'm gonna need that day in the kitchen.)

She's a doll and completely committed to spray paint and her family- for sure family comes first... unless she doesn't like the color of what they're wearing, then she just uses her spray paint.

Break out that party dress and your favorite Toile pics and get ta postin! Tomorrow is the famous TOILE PARTY of 2009! Everyone you know and love will be there! My sweet friends Nester, Kimba, Melissa, Rhoda, Julia, and dear Wendy will be there with their best Toile posts to celebrate the timeless love of Toile.

Mr. Linky will be up for our party so meet back here tomorrow and enjoy surf'n through blogland and checking out everything from Toile bedspreads, to Toile boots, plates, PJ's and Walls.

Can't wait for you to come. I'll have the kitchen cabinets re-painted by the end of the week... wish me luck!


Attic Gal Rachelle said...

I have so been there. 9 months pregnant and decided to paint my kitchen yellow. Kinda in a hurry because of impending babe, so paint all saturday and late into the night. Done. So proud of myself. Come morning I walk into the kitchen, and start bawling (prego, remember). Instead of the warm buttery yellow I had envisioned, it was a sickly greenish, and completely unappetizing chartreuse! Since it was sunday, the sabbath, I could do nothing by cry all day, pray the baby didn't come, and wait for monday. Monday morning, I was the first customer in Home Depot, and up on the ladder all day repainting it the happy butter yellow I had intended. Baby came two weeks later, but my kitchen was beautiful.
So yes, I can relate to your tale.
Good luck.
Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Kimba said...

Oh nooooooo!!!! I can relate, my friend. Someday, I'll share the pumpkin guts orange kitchen story. But not yet. It's still too fresh. It's only been 6 years.

But you will survive! Thanks for being real.


Vintagesquirrel said...

Isn't it just horrible how paint colors that look so good on the paint chip, can completely change once you've put them on your walls (or cabinets?) Although it doesn't look neon on my screen, I'll take your word for it. I do think your kitchen's going to look fabulous with lighter cabinets. But really, thank you for sharing your 'mistake.' It's nice to see that others have had decorating disasters too.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Yes, I am feeling your pain. I "retouched" all my walls and cabinets last year with the extra paint that I had saved. Well, who knew that extreme temperatures have a HUGE effect on the shade. I painted at night thinking these spots were just wet, and woke up to little polka dotted touch ups all over. Yes, I must tell you...many of them were still there since I haven't had it in me to repaint three rooms and all their base boards. :) Sigh....spent some time in the looney farm for that mistake. :)

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Can't wait till tomorrow's Toile party! Have a wonderful day.


Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Oh my! I know what it feels like to work so hard on something and have it not turn out just the way you had hoped. We spent days on a table a few months ago and had to start over again. You'll appreciate it even more when it's done!!

I had to post my Toile Party post a little early because we have Tasty Tuesday tomorrow.

Good luck with the new paint!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I am sorry that your cabinets didn't turn out.

Rachel said...

Good luck with the cabinets! My post is all ready to go on auto post this morning. Thank you for the reminder.

martha said...

Noooo.... I don't think you need to repaint. Just rub a tinted glaze over them.

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