Toile Tuesday: A Toile Tour of Blogland

I love this picture... it's timeless.  Why?  Well, what you might not know is that Toile is the thrifty pattern of choice... (so are white dishes) it's timeless... really-  I read it somewhere on a very official decorators website I don't remember where because my brain is filled with toile... (tisk, tisk Pretty Organizer... I feel shame.)  Oh and for the record, blogger hates toile... I got myslef a whole higlighted post just because this program isn't classy enough to recognize all them frenchy words... oh man, there I go insulting the french... escuse moi...
Farm dishes?  Well, they might go out of style unless you live on a farm like that classy PioneerWoman.  But... these are toile"ish"... I'll take the rooster.
This is how skinny I imagine I am.  Really, when you look down the view isn't so bad... I see plenty of womanly shapes and my toes still... it's the head on mirror view that makes my self-imagined image distorted.  I need new mirrors... and THIS apron... check out here sisters HERE!
This one here's for Remodeling Guy... This here's a Toile Toilet! (or Turlet as my grandma used to pronounce) Victorian age to be exact.  Not quite sure how to use the thing... no place to sit.  That's probably just as well since I could never pee on toile.    Photo:Countryliving.com
Love Toile in a Toilet room... this is for all you toile lovers that want just a splash of elegance in a simple room.  Just add a touch of toile and the room is softened.
HGTV featured this baby in a Shabby Room makeover.  The picture is a cutout from a toile piece of fabric that was applied then painted and sanded to "rough up" the look.  Just a touch of toile tells a story and defines this furniture.
Here's a great Chair Re-do from AngelicAccents.  If any of your inherit your grandmothers dining room set... for Pete's Sake don't give it away!  Spray paint the thing until it looks like this!  Love those twisted spindles!
Toile can even make a cheap set of cardboard drawers look like permanent furniture.
And this toile... well you know I've got it bad when a mother of 6 is ready to conceive again just to get the toile bedding! 

And for all you crazy shoe lovers... who by the way have hounded me for where I found the toile rain boots... here's another toile boot!
And HERE is where you can pick up a pair of these pretty boots should you have to go milk the cow before your picnic today with the guy in the toile pictures wearing knickers... 
Happy toile dreams!  Don't forget to join me hear each Tuesday this month for Toile Tuesday.

Where will you be March 24th?
Time's a tick'n and the guest list is already starting. Nester's in, Wendy, Julia at Hooked on Houses, Kimba at A Soft Place to Land, Rhoda at Southern Hospitality are all working on getting a post ready... and the list is growing. Need I mention how much I LOVE these girls! They are as kind as they are talented writers and bloggers. They've been so good to me!

Will you be my guest at the Toile Party? I'll try and remind anyone that R.S.V.P's (if you email me I will FOR SURE send you a reminder!)


A Bushel and Peck said...

You are tempting me to go find some toile and drape something in it! lovely examples :)

The Nester said...

I'll be there with bras on.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, girl! I love all this toile. I wish I had more of it in my house. These are all great ideas for using it. I know I can at least add my drapes on here. I'll be at the party!

And just a heads up, I'm having a Spring Fluffing party on March 18th, so get your spring post ready for Mr. Linky.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Hey Chicka!!! I loved the episode of decorating cents when Krista Crawford made that toile-embellished cabinet. I wish they still had that show on the air. sigh. Don't you worry...I'm getting my toile ready!!!

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

OK, you're making me want to add a little toile somewhere! How fun!
Great post!


Remodeling Guy said...

Wow, I'm so excited! A Toile party on my birthday! I can't wait and Kim (Forever..Wherever!) is in too!

As for that FANCY potty, now that is luxury. All this time I've been satisfied with plain, solid color porcelein, and I could have been demanding more! A TOILEt!

I've just been distracted by The Nester's comment... is that plural?

Back to man world, quick...see ya!

Attic Gal Rachelle said...

Oh, Can I play? I think I have toile in every room of my house, except the boys' rooms. Maybe I can find a way to sneak toile in there too! Can't wait.

Tiffany said...

I can't wait to show you my girls' toile room! Can't wait to see what everyone else will show us!

jennifer said...

this sounds so fun! I'll be there!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

oh what lovely toile you have found! j'adore toile. wait, did i get that right? my french is rusty.

will you remind me of your party as it gets closer? my brain definitely won't hold any more info and I need constant reminders.


Amanda said...

I'm totally in! I have about a billion toile pieces in my house!

Funny - I lined the inside of my whilte hutch with toile wallpaper and I display white plates in it - just like in the picture you posted! I'll be sure to post that pic for the party!

~SHANNON~ said...

OOOOHHHH. I love toile! Count "Milk & Cuddles" in for "Toile Tuesday!"

What a super idea. Just found your blog recently, and have really enjoyed looking around!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I just found your blog today for the first time. Count me in. I would love to join your toile party.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Count me In! Love your pics. Thanks for the ideas.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Kathy said...

I've got some toile for ya too! I need to add on a room just so I can decorate with black & white toile!

Crystal said...

I have a toile nursery and I'm working on a toile bathroom. I had a toile kitchen but we've recently moved and I left the window treatments behind. :-( I, too, am a toile-a-holic. Looking forward to your party. :)

Phaedra : ) said...

I am so excited! I love Toile as well. Count me in for Toile Tuesday!

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