Reflections on Spring and Motherhood

Spring has Sprung in Arizona.  The birds are singing, the sun is shining (80 degrees) and the grass is green... So green and so long you could almost get lost in it!  This week I did... which accounts for my lack of posts dear friends.  This week blogging took a back seat to family time.
This time of the year I am filled with energy... with vision... with project inspiration... and most important, I am filled with gratitude.  Every time I come home and see my house I am grateful.  I see my kids playing in our cul-de-sac... (24 of them 6 of which are mine!) and I am grateful for good neighbors, a safe neighborhood and the blessing I have in being surrounded by wonderful people.
Oh, hubby's going to thank me for posting this picture.  The sad reality of getting older... your hair falls out of your head and starts growing out your ears or out your nose or worse, out of your wife's chin!  I swear, I'm 34 and experiencing premature aging!  Nice double chin I have... grrr... ANYWAY.... back to the subject.

We celebrated our son's achievement in scouting.  He received his Webelos rank and next month will be receiving his Arrow of Light... big stuff for the cub scouting program.  Like my shirt?  I'm "Hooked On" the Boys Scouts of America.  It's my second religion.
It's nice as a mother to see benchmarks of your parenting progress.  I see it when my 3 year old helps my 1 year old get dressed.  I see it when my 4 kids come home from school and are upset about the way their sibling was treated on the bus.  I see my progress as my children receive Character Counts awards at school and I see it when my boys advance in Scouting.  My older son has his Star rank in Boy Scouts (at age 12) and is on track for his Eagle Scout award in 1 year.

Ladies, let me tell you what I know.  After having 6 kids, 3 of which are boys... the Boy Scouts of America is the second best parenting help you can get next to church.  Find a Cub Scout pack near you.  Find a Boy Scout Troop... and then watch your boys become men.  This program has it all: fun, adventure, activities, service and values that support what you learn in church.  

This is my Beautiful Life.  These moments are the sweet rewards of motherhood.  Being with my children, seeing them grow, and taking moments to feel grateful for my blessings make this life sweet and full of joy... and this week "My Priorities were Organized, my closets were not."

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What makes your life beautiful?


Deidra said...

That grass is amazing! Amazing grass! =)

Teresa said...

Seeing my children grow and become responsible caring adults is a blessing-
We did the Scout thing too- Had two Eagle Scouts-
sounds like you are a wonderful Mom
Happy Day

Jenna said...

Our boys would be in 11-year-old scouts together!!! Ryan just turned 11 in January. We love the BSA program - great values & plenty of stuff to keep them busy. My husband was the scoutmaster for years & still has a special place in his heart for the scouting program. (Good thing too because we have three boys.) My 15-yo should be getting his Eagle this year. Fun!

I love spring too - we had snow on Sunday (school out MTW) & are having 80 degree weather tomorrow. Insane.

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Wow, I can't wait for green grass. thanks for sharing the great pictures, congrats to your sons!

Carla said...

That is the strangest grass I have ever seen.
We are a huge scouting family also Our 4 boys are in cub and boys scouts, my husband is the cubmaster for our pack and we are leaders. Its been an amazing 12 years in scouts
But now we have entered a new Era our daughter is in kindergarten so she is a Daisy and I am the leader for that troop. It is fun to do the girl thing now finally. So I am sure we will put in another 12 years in girl scouts now.

Songbirdtiff said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet moments. I have to ask, is that REAL grass? I don't think we have anything like that in Arkansas.

(visiting from Inspired room)

Julz said...

Nice grass pictures, were they itchey? Anyway loved the BSA plug I thought of the BEST devotional for the boys I'll tell you all about it. I loved the point of this post, what's beautiful in your life. I started a joy blog at the start of the year that has REALLY helped me recognize all my blessings and joys! www.joyousjulz.blogspot.com
Love Ya!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Wow, that grass is really something!

SHURTER'S :) said...

Ha ha! That's great! I'm glad that my husband and I aren't the only ones... loss of hair on his head, extra in nose and ears and MY chin! AHHHHH! I'm only 33! And he's only 34! WHat is going on!!! :) Great pics of the kids!
Spring is wonderful, expecially in the valley! We were there a couple of days ago, and the weather was fab! I want it to be like that up here!!! I definately have spring fever!!!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I agree--the Scouts were great for my son when he was younger.

It finally feels like Spring here this week, too! I'm so excited to see some green around here. Any day now, things should be getting a little more colorful!

Have a great weekend! :-)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations to your son! My son just received his Arrow of Light a couple of months ago. I agree that it is a great program!

Monica said...

Congrats to your little man. Sadly we don't have time for scouts here. My kids love sports, and that takes up most of our time.

We also have Character Counts at our school. It's a good program. But isn't it sad that some kids only get taught about Character at school and not at home?

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Great post! It sounds like you have your priorities in order! :-)

bethinNC said...

Do the Boyscouts still exclude those who are gay from participating? DH had a great experience as a scout but we have decided to look for alternatives for our family because we can't personally support the Boyscouts of America policies.

Pretty Organizer said...

To Beth in NC... Here is a link you may be inteterested in... http://www.scouting.org/Media/Positions.aspx

It links to official positions of BSA and the Scouting program. Scouting recognizes and celebrates all forms of diversity and encourages boys to live the "Scout Law" and "scout Oath" These laws commit boys to live their moral and religious beliefs (scouting has medals for Christians, Muslims, Buddists, etc.) While they encourage boys to be tolerant towards others practices and beliefs, they also ask others to be tolerant of the values and beliefs that have made Scouts what it is today. They in no way teach boys DON'T BE GAY or WE HATE GAY's. They do not teach propaganda, they do instruct on morals of Friendship, loyalty, bravery, trustworthiness, honest, Thrifiness and being mentally clean.

Hope that helps!
Pretty Organizer

Lorrie said...

Wow what a great response for BethinNC. I totally loved being in scouting. We are taking a break but my former tiger/bear/wolf/web 1 will be entering scouting next year. He will not get his arrow of light...but our Pack died. Hoping he'll make it to eagle scout. Blessings/

Dawn said...

Send some of that Spring to the East Coast. Pretty please?


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