Tales of Toile

Come one come all!  Readers from near and far... come listen to the tales I tell!  
I feel the same kind of heraldry when I see a beautiful piece of toile fabric.  

I am charmed into the romantic idea that I'm somewhere in the picture.  Scenes of toile are stories of a simpler life and woven around love and landscape.  To me they are like the chalk pictures Burt drew for the children in Mary Poppins... close my eyes and jump... I'm there.

I might be on a picnic or harvesting wheat.  Perhaps I'm enjoying tea with friends.
I escape to far away places and taste of an unknown world rich in history.
Sometimes the scenes are only vignettes of thoughts or dreams.

Can you tell I'm a hopeless romantic?  Can you see my obsession?  What girl wouldn't want to be in one of those fluffy dresses being doted on by a long hair guy in knickers?  Eww... screech... halt... back to reality!  I've seen the movies... those long haired knicker guys don't bathe more than once a month.  The girls can't breath in those funky corsets and really, who wants a guy who has nothing better to do than stare at you longingly on a picnic.  Yes, perhaps that kind of life would be more like living in the movie Enchanted than anything else.  Still, the scenes are beautiful

So beautiful in fact that I want to surround myself with them.  How about this beautiful chest?  OH man, when I found THIS WEBSITE I almost fainted!  I need a majillion of those funky looking L's (if your a Brit you know what they are... probably a lot more valuable than the US dollar... sorry all, nother post) but oh my what hand painted furniture.  Go ahead, check it out but come right back!  Are you back yet?  Good!

Toile paper (craft or wall paper) can be a great touch to any piece of furniture.  Use it on the back of a bookcase or if you're bold (and I am) go ahead and use it on the drawers or the front of a piece of furniture.

And this dear bed.  What lucky girl gets this fabulous toile quilt!  Heaven.  Anyone out there who quilts?  I'll trade a hefty amount of Pretty Organizers for a toile quilt... custom made to whatever colors sizes or shapes you demand... I. Love. Toile.

Now, Here's the Toile Party button.  NO... I still don't know how to code the thing.  I need a major coding tutorial.  So, please feel free to grab the image and put it in your side bar or post... can ya'll figure out how to link it to my blog?  Keep checking my blog sidebar.  When I figure the code out, I'll be sure to post it.  In the mean time... Go forth dear readers, tell one tell all of Toile and when all of us Toile-aholics will join back to partake of the Grand Toile Tour around blogland.  Get those posts ready for March 24th!

Oh, Nester, Julia at Hooked on Houses, Wendy at Shabby Nest, Kimba at Soft Place to Land  are on board!  Go check these ladies out too!  They are as wonderful as their blogs are.  Such kind hearts and so welcoming to a blogging newbie of 4 months!  

Where are you going to add Toile?


Kira said...

Maybe we have figured out why they wore the corsets....they didn't WANT to breath the bathless knicker boys :)

Michelle said...

You know...I don't think I'd mind a corset as long as it wasn't laced so tight that I couldn't breathe....it makes for such a pretty silohuette!

I'm glad that I'm not the only person who loves toile....if only I could get my husband on board!!

Rachel said...

Yea for toile! I posted on my blog about toile and linked to you. Here's my post so you can check it out.

Lorrie said...

I've never been a fan of toile but am growing a fond appreciation for it because of your site. I'm not even sure how to pronounce it. It wasn't like it was used in my middle income Southern Cali 70s upbringing...oh wait...it was...by my mom. Maybe that's why I'm resisting the urge to enjoy it. I'd have to say...I'm starting to cave.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Marked my calendar--can't wait! Should be a lot of fun. :-)

-Julie said...

Your toile addiction makes me giggle. My baby girl had the CUTEST humpty-dumpty toile stroller/car seat combo!
And of COURSE you made my favorite blogs list!

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