Saturday Jobs Made Simple

Yesterday I preached about zones in my Palace.  All this talk of cleaning has me thinking I ought to get a nice big hunk of chocolate just so I can be in the "zone" while I write about it.  Mmm... I'll settle for some hot cocoa (even though it's like 70 degrees outside).

Here's the dealy-whopper: I can't do it myself.  I used to think I could but I've just accepted the reality... we have 8 people in a 2250 sf. house.  8!!!  I don't have the time in the day to feed, launder, dust, sweep, shop,  run cub scouting, do homework, etc.  While I do have a loose cleaning schedule, I just cant get to all of the rooms each week in detail. (Husbands laughs at my casual admission... he knows the ugly truth.)  

In steps inspiration out of desperation again: Let my little Chipmunks that I so lovingly try to herd each week- DO.  Their. Share.

Zones:  My 4 kiddos have a Zone they're in charge of keeping picked up all week.

Saturday:  On Saturday they clean their zone.  They dust, vacuum, do windows, fluff pillows, clean the TV screen etc.  From top to bottom their zone belongs to them.  Remember.... you defined the job so they know what to do.  Questions on that... see this post.

Exception: The kiddo stuck on Bathrooms and hallways gets a break... 2 bathrooms is cruel... for anyone.  For a 6 year old it's torture.  For a 12 year old... it a lot of mirror time to inspect zits and sprouting  chin hairs.  So... the bathroom kid gets 1 bathroom and the hallway.  I do the other one.

Mom advantage: Job is pre-defined and you don't have to dream up a list of Saturday chores. AND... Mom cleans kitchen, her own bedroom and bathroom, and assigns hubby to clean the other bathroom.  DONE!  Mom has the rest of the day to herself.

Actually, ladies, the strategy is to have enough kids to take care of all the zones in your house.  I'm set for now but if we end up moving to a bigger house I may need to have a few more kids.  That Duggar family... 19+ right?  You go visit their site.  (It's funny that I look to a mom of 19 for inspiration... her laundry room rocks... so does the soda fountain!)   Not a thing out of place... lots of kids is the key.  It also happens to be the driving force behind my chocolate addiction and the many clothing sizes in my closet.

Now, go put on Flight of the Bumble Bee and get those kiddos cleaning! We always blast the music, dance and make it fun around here... the 12 year old will argue that you're a dork and if he does, that means you're doing a great job!


Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

nothing much to say since I'm in a rush and have been out of town (with no internet! couldnt even update my own blog....) - but I couldnt resist being the First Comment. This competitive gene will kill me yet :)

~Tami said...

Would you be able to share your zone cleaning checklists with us?

Pretty Organizer said...

Tami- Sure. I'll whip something together for a post soon.

The Soladay Family said...

Yes, I'd love to see it too!

Attic Gal Rachelle said...

I knew there was a good reason I had so many kids!

And I agree, there is no better compliment than when your 12 year old calls you a dork for making him work. Music to a mom's ears!

Jody said...

Hey Lady, I LOVE that bedroom on top....the greens are so pretty!

And, I LOVE Flight of the Bumblebee! Haven't listened to it for years, but a great background for chore time, thanks!

Deidra said...

Sorry...I couldn't get past the fact that it's 70 degrees in your world. I'm going back now to read the rest of the post. ;)

Esther said...

It used to be my job to clean the bathroom. Mum used reverse psychology on me by saying when I used to complain, " but you're so good at it. No one else does it as thoroughly as you."

Oh well, if you put it that way, I guess I am pretty good. Imagine a bit of a swagger. (You have to understand that I came from a family of 9 kids so any opportunity to stand out from the rest of the crowd was welcomed, even if it was for cleaning toilets), Even now I prefer to do it myself, because "I'm the only one that does it properly".

Amy said...

I thought you should know that you are now my new best friend! ;) It all happened when I read your laundry post in February....

I loved that post and have been visiting you ever since. :)


Esther said...

Chook is one of those words that I've used all my life so it semms bizarre that other people don't know it. You're not the first to ask me what one is so I now have a translator down the side of my blog.
A chook, by the way, is a very Australian term it seems for a chicken or hen.

Amy said...

We do the same for chores. The kids have certain zones they are responsible for and they do everyday. We rarely changes zones though. My oldest has to clean up the kid's bath but doesn't scrub the toilet or tub or anything. Just tidies up after baths and wipes off the sink. I do all the nasty cleaning. The youngest is only 1 ( I have 7 kids) but the rest of the kids do have chores and even the 3 year old can follow commands to pick up her own things. Maybe I will have to tell my husband we need to have more kids so our house will be cleaner. I am not sure he will go for that!!

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