Kitchen Redesins... a Homemakers Perfect Day Dream.

God made me poor because I love paint. He loves me so He sees to it that I don't have worry about facing my biggest temptation... redesigning my kitchen every year. He knows my husband needs a wife and the kids need to see a mother who has showered more than once in 3 days and isn't clothed in sweats and paint. Instead, He lets me carry on my obsession privately,... safely,... in my head.
So dear friends, I share with you my day dreams. These are the images that dance in my head when the kids are in bed and I'm trying to enjoy one of those low calorie, sugar free, cheap-excuse-of a tasty Popsicle treat while fighting off the other obsession... real honest to goodness sink-your-teeth-into-some-butterfat dark chocolate treat.
I pretend I'm french and ordered to work in a beautiful country kitchen... while I pretend I love my fake chocolate diet frozen ice milk thing.
And most of the time I dream of taking colors to the extreme. Could I get away with 3 different colors in one room? What color would I use as my accent? What hardware would I need? Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, WAIT! That means I'll need new dishes too! New dishes? YES!
Yes, just as I start dreaming of the perfect new dish that would make that 7 layer Chocolate Ganache cake look like something whipped up by my grandmother to welcome me home from diet camp, I wake up. Yes, kitchen day dreaming keeps you skinny and life rich!


Magic Brush said...

I am a dreamer also. And I have a chocolate obsession. I gotta go milk chocolate tho'. Love those kitchens. Wish I were gutsy enough to do one color on top and another on the bottom cabinets!

Sandra said...

Oh! Oh! Those are some boo-tiful kitchens! Thanks for the eye candy. :p

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love looking at pictures of pretty kitchens. Sometimes I like to even take one idea from a picture; for instance, I'd like one cabinet with a glass door in my next kitchen.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Hmmmm, 3 colors...oh yeah. I'm thinking the baby blue with the red and cream...I'm a little bold.

Gretchen said...

Love those kitchens. I'm only going to remodel mine once and I'm always looking for new ideas. Thanks for the eye candy.


Cheri Peoples said...

Great pictures and you should never quit dreaming.

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