Trash Lockers Turned Fashion Eye Poppers

Anyone lurking around this Palace knows my little Craigslist problem. Well, after falling off the Craigslist 12 step wagon I'm on the prowl again.... for old school lockers.
I have a room with 3 boys and have decided that I can look at trashy lockers better than I can look at the things on their floor. I set off on a tour through blogland for locker inspiration and do believe I found a few gems.
The great thing about these babies are that they're durable and age only makes them look better... age and a coat of fantastic spray paint. I could use a boys room full of lockers.
... and maybe a dining room as well. This little mini locker is sold at the Bombay Co. and is great for keeping baseball equipment or school books.
Now, if you're lucky enough you may find pull out bin lockers. Craigslist isn't the only place to find lockers. Check you're local city, county or state government surplus auctions. They're often found by the bulk.
If you need to make a quick closet... how great would this be? First I need to retrain my boys to hang the clothes on the rod... and my 13 year old may not be able to fit his size 10.5 shoe in one of those cubbies. LOVE this color!
I've seen several tall single column lockers for sale. IKEA has a few options for sale.
A locker for diapers, socks, shoes, shirts, pants, toys, bath supplies... you name it! Don't forget to head over to one of those fantastic online hardware places for clever classy looking ways to label your new space.
I'm putting this locker project in the que. It falls right after repainting my 3 dressers, expanding my laundry room, organizing my closets, and throwing away all the unmatched shoes. Need to come clean and start my 12 step Craigslist program again... sigh...


Elizabeth said...

LOL @ Craigslist 12 step wagon!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Either the 12 step program or get more months added to the year. This is catching ~ I actually was going to say that then you get to label all the doors and drawers, but you did wind up saying that!
I think Pottery Barn also shows lockers in their Teen catalog.

lkjatl said...

My girlfriend found them at a local flea market, cleaned them up and uses them just outside her garage door to coral the kids bookbags, jackets and such. You can find them on ebay too...both kinds.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I think my fave was the yellow one in the second picture! Fun!!! :) Hope "Craig" can help you out. ;)

My Decorating Dilemmas Party will be up tonight after 10 (ET) and all day tomorrow...I hope maybe you can swing by. :)

Moody said...

Simply so creative, you are amazing..
m & j @ zcouple.com

Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said...

Oh yes, lockers! What a great reminder!

Craigslist can be habit-forming, but lately I've become more frustrated by the fact that they don't have thumbnail photo previews next to the ads. Wouldn't that be a huge improvement?!

Alysa@atticgals.blogspot.com said...

I love that you have these pictures on all one page. I was actually looking at your blog to find the organizational book that you highly recommend. Can you:

1. tell me the name of the book
2. What is the hardware you are talking about in this post? You mentioned an online store or something to label the lockers. Please advise. alysawhitlock@yahoo.com

So I decided, by chance, that I might find lockers on my craiglist and I did. They are not old but they are full length lockers for $25 a piece. What do you think? I think they are just plain old cream ones. Would it really just take spray paint to change them up? I'm trying to convince my husband. we'll see. Thanks again.

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