Online Chore Charts Made Easy

We all are looking for solutions to help our punk-a-noodles to learn how to work and be responsible. I've written about it HERE, and Here, and Here, and gave my own organizational chore chart over HERE. Well, I've found a great site that may just help you manage your kiddos chore AND any goals you may have!
GoalForIt.com is a great online source for free kids chore charts and goal setting. You can do it privately or invite other friends to join a group for setting goals as well.

They have chore charts that you can customize. You choose the chores (they even come with pictures) They have tons of themes for boys...

And themes for girls.... All you need to do it log in and print them out.

Here's to getting control of your house again as school begins! Cheers! Loud applause! Hoots and Hollars! Whoo Hoo!!

How do you think your kids will respond to their customized chore chart?


Jake said...

I've been working really hard over the past few months on a website called called PowrHouse (http://powrhouse.net/). If your kids are old enough to read and use e-mail, I think it could work just as well (or better!) than the chore charts you've shown on here.

It's currently in beta, but it works well (we're using it in our household). You add everyone you live with (kids, spouses, roommates, etc.), add your chores (names and how often they should be done), and PowrHouse keeps track of whose turn it is to do each chore (and sends email reminders every night, with links to click to signal that you've done the chores).

If you do end up using it, please contact me (my info is on the site) and let me know what you think, as I'm trying to make it as useful to as many types of households as possible. If not, thanks at least for reading this far :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Fabulous! Natalie (my 3 year old) would get a huge kick out of this. Thanks for sharing. :)

Valencia said...

aww how cute!! I think it will really help them feel like they really contribute the our home.

kristi_temple said...

I am getting ready to implement the chore chart. I am using it to make them earn their time playing the Wii. We'll see how it works.

Nishant said...

Fabulous! Natalie (my 3 year old) would get a huge kick out of this. Thanks for sharing.

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